Xero Integration FAQs

Find information about frequently asked questions regarding the Xero Integration

How can I set up my Xero Integration?
Admin > Integrations > Xero > Add + > Follow steps > Success! For more details click here.

Who can use the Xero integration?
Only customers based in Australia can use this integration, all other payroll models are unfortunately not compatible.

How do I edit my mappings?
To edit your Xero integration mappings, you can visit your Xero dashboard within ClockShark and click the pen icon.

How do I know if my employees have been mapped successfully?
When you see your Xero employee on the left, and your corresponding ClockShark employee on the right: this indicates that they have been mapped successfully! For more details click here.

What should I do if my employees did not map?
Review the email address for the employee in Xero and in ClockShark and make sure they are the same. Or manually map them by clicking the pen icon. For more details click here.

When and how does data sync occur?
Data synchronization is manual. If a change is made in your Xero account, e.g. moving an employee from one pay period to another, visit the Xero Mappings page and sync Xero employees so ClockShark is aware of the change.

What does the “Timesheet Tracking Categories are unsupported at this time” error mean? How do I fix it?
The “Timesheet Categories” option has been configured in your Payroll Settings in Xero. In order to export time set the option to “None” and attempt the export. Xero will preserve the timesheet categories, so the setting can be reverted later.

Does it cost to set up my Xero integration?
No, integrating your ClockShark account with Xero is free!

How do I disconnect from Xero?
To disconnect your Xero integration, you can visit your Xero dashboard within ClockShark and click the delete icon.

If I disconnect an employee from ClockShark will it delete them in Xero?
No, if you disconnect an employee in ClockShark it will not delete them in Xero.