What Happens to Employees' Time Once the Employee is Deleted?

All of the time records are safe. We will never get rid of your time records for the life of your account

As a time tracking company, we take tracking your time seriously! That is why we will never get rid of your time - whether the employee is active, inactive, or deleted

There are a few notes to make however for each type of item:


Deleting or inactivating an employee will not delete them from the reports covering the times when they were an active employee. The reports take a fresh calculation of the timesheets every time you run them. So whatever is listed on the timesheets (or was listed on the timesheets when the employee was around) is what the reports will display.

Making employees inactive will deduct them from the monthly bill and they will still appear in the selection options for reports as well as the "Employees" page. However, they will not show up on the "View Timesheets" page



Once an employee is deleted they no longer count toward your bill, they will still appear by name in the report options, but they will no longer show up in your list of employees. So for this reason you cannot make edits to a deleted employee. They will also disappear from the "View Timesheets" screen and the Schedule since they are no longer active. You can make employees inactive or active at any time but only we (Shark Support) can undelete an employee. An important note is that you still can run a report on a specific employee while they are deleted.


Jobs are largely the same idea as employees, except less control is given to inactive jobs. So you cannot run specific reports on deleted or inactive jobs. You will have to run a report for "All Employees" or "All Jobs" or "All Tasks." The major difference is that again only we can undelete jobs while you can make them active/inactive at any time. Also deleted/inactive jobs will not show up on the apps for employees to clock into. This is great if you want to limit their options or make their clocking in life easier or speed up their app by having fewer choices!


This one is the same as the jobs! You cannot run a specific report on an inactive/deleted task. You will have to run a report for "All Employees" or "All Jobs" or "All Tasks." Also, you can make tasks active/inactive at any time, but only we can undelete them for you. Deleted and inactive tasks will also not show up on the apps for employees which can help declutter and speed up their app and experience.

Note: Any changes made to jobs and tasks will have to be synced by each employee on their app in order to take effect. They can do this on their app by going to Menu > Sync > Sync Now

You may also contact our Customer Support team at hello@clockshark.com to request that the deleted employee/job/task be restored to the account.