What Devices Does ClockShark Work On?

Learn what Android and Apple devices are compatible with ClockShark

ClockShark will run on most Android smartphones and tablets running Android 6 or newer and most iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.0 or newer.

Note: For the smoothest experience, keep your operating system as up-to-date as possible. The ClockShark app will run slower on the older versions of Android and Apple operating systems.

For the smoothest experience, we recommend running ClockShark on a device with a constant internet or data connection, such as a smartphone or tablet with internet service through a wireless provider.

ClockShark can work on "WiFi only" devices, but since information cannot be exchanged with the ClockShark servers until a WiFi connection becomes available, certain things in ClockShark won't work consistently if the WiFi is disconnected - such as real-time viewing of the Who's Clocked in Now Screen, etc.

iPad Note: ClockShark can be a bit tricky to find via the App Store from your iPad. To find ClockShark in the App Store on an iPad, you must select "iPhone Only" when searching in the App Store from your iPad.

Android Note: The ClockShark App is only available from the Google Play Store. Kyocera Android phones have difficulty running the ClockShark app.