What Data is Imported When I Integrate ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor?

ClockShark syncs your employees, jobs, and cost codes from Sage 100, and exports completed timesheets to Sage 100 for payroll and more!

The graphic below explains how data is exchanged between ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor.



When you integrate ClockShark and Sage 100, ClockShark syncs your jobs, employees, and cost codes and makes them available for mapping to existing ClockShark jobs, employees, and tasks (respectively). We can also automatically create ClockShark jobs from your new jobs in Sage. Read the integration article above for more information!

Once each item is appropriately mapped between each account, you will be able to easily export hours to Sage 100 for payroll, invoicing, and job costing. 

If you have any questions about how to set up mappings between ClockShark and Sage 100, please just let us know!