Using the Mobile App

Using the ClockShark mobile app is easy and makes time tracking from anywhere a breeze


To get started with the mobile app, it needs to be installed on your smartphone. Search the app store on your phone for "ClockShark" or follow the links below for your device.

Download ClockShark for iOS (Apple iPhone & iPad)
Download ClockShark for Android

Once installed, log into the app using the email address and password provided by your account administrator. If prompted, you’ll need to allow the app to access Location Services.

NOTE: ClockShark does record your location while you are on the clock. There is absolutely no GPS tracking by the app unless you are clocked in for work. When you've clocked out or on break, you are not being tracked and no location data is being saved.

Time Clock


When you first log into the app, you'll see the Clock In screen. This page is super simple, just press the Clock In button! There you will be able to choose your job and your task and then you are on the clock.

If you need to switch Jobs or Tasks during the day, you don’t need to clock out first. Just select the switch button (the crossing arrows) and select a new job and task. To go on break or take lunch, select the break (the pause button). When you come back to work, just hit end break (the play button) and you're right back to the same Job and Task you had selected before you left.

There is also a search bar in the upper right corner of the app on the time clock page. This will help you find all the information you need quicker. With it, you can type in the text to filter out just the jobs you want to see. From there, you click on the job to be taken to the job details screen so you can see the description, location, and attachments for that job. That way you can find your next job and make sure it is the right one before clocking in. Or to just double-check any information you might need.

At the top of the page, you'll see the included map showing you your last tracked location. So if you have the GPS on for ClockShark, you will be able to see exactly what location data we are using for your clock-in. If you have the GPS tracking feature enabled for yourself, this map will update throughout the day to show you your last-used location data as well. The map also shows a little circle around your punch location to show you the accuracy of your location (smaller means more accurate!).


On the map, there is an icon on the right representing a GPS path that brings you to our Timeline. The Timeline allows you to view all your clock in, clock out, start a break, end a break, and GPS tracking locations for the day so far. This is also available when you are off the clock and is a great way to review your own location data.



You can also add notes, files, and photos to your timesheet. To add notes simply press the "Add a note..." section underneath the job card on the Time Clock page of the app. To add attachments, just click the "+" button in the lower left-hand corner of the Time Clock page.

When you're done working for the day, just press clock out (the stop button) and you're off the clock. You do not need to log out of the ClockShark app every day, the clock out button will end your shift and stop all time and location tracking. When you return next time, you can just clock in without having to log in first.



If your employer is using the scheduling feature in ClockShark, you’ll be able to view your schedule by selecting Schedule from the slide-out menu. Hit the "Hamburger Icon" to see the slide-out menu.

The Schedule screen will show you all of your upcoming shifts. Pressing on any upcoming shift will take you to the Schedule Detail screen for that shift. The Schedule Detail screen will show you the information about the Job including any notes or files attached to it and where it's located on a map. Use the Route button to get turn by turn GPS driving directions to the job address.

Time Sheets


You can view your current or past timesheets by selecting Time Sheets from the slide-out menu. The Time Sheets screen will show you all of your time segments for each week along with totals for your regular, overtime, and break hours. By default, you will see the current week's timesheet, but you can change weeks using the arrows at the top of the screen by the dates.

By clicking on a time segment on the Time Sheet, you can see the details of that time segment including the job and task selected, the location of the clock punches, and any notes or attachments.

Sync Queue


The ClockShark app works even when there isn't any cell service or wifi. The app will store all clock punches on the device until it reconnects to cellular or wireless internet, at which point it will sync all the data up to the cloud. This sync should happen automatically, but if you want to force it to update now, you can do that from the Sync screen. Access the Sync Queue by pressing Sync from the slide-out menu. The Sync Queue will show a list of anything that needs to be synced. If there is nothing on the list, all your data is already synced. If there are items, you can start a sync by, you guessed it, pressing the Sync Now button at the top of the page.

Crew Clock


This feature is not available on every account. Check with your company's account administrator if you have any questions.

Crew App is a feature that allows supervisors and foremen to punch the clock for other employees or for entire crews at once.  You can access this screen by selecting Crew App from the slide-out menu.

Start by selecting which crew members you want to work with by tapping on their names. With the employees selected, tap the checkmark icon on the top of the screen to bring up the actions menu. Select the option you need for the action you want to take. The options are:

  • Clock Crew In

  • Switch Crew

  • Start Crew Lunch

  • End Crew Lunch

  • Clock Crew Out

Depending on which action you select, you may have additional steps to complete the process, such as selecting a new Job and Task when switching your crew or adding notes when clocking your crew out. The final step is to confirm the action and you're done.

Who's Working Now


This feature is not available on every account. Check with your company's account administrator if you have any questions.    

The Who's Working Now screen, as you probably guessed by the name, will show you a list of everyone clocked in right now and their location on a map. You can access this screen by selecting Who's Working Now from the slide-out menu.

The map on the top of this screen shows you the location of each clocked-in employee with a pin in their employee color. You can set each employee's color by editing their employee record on the admin website. Below the map is a list of all the employees shown on the map.

Pressing the name of the employee in the list will zoom the map to their location so you can see where they are. You can see the details of each employee's current time segment by clicking on the information icon next to their names on iOS or by clicking the "View Details" link on Android. 

Time Off:


This feature is also not available on every account. Check with your company's account administrator if you have any questions.   

The section will show you any Time Off policies you are a part of as well as your hours remaining, maximum hours, carryover limit, and the accrual method.

By pressing "Manage Time Off Requests" you can see your available hours, hours already requested, pending requests, and you can submit a new request by pressing the "+" in the lower right corner.