Paid Time Off FAQs

Find all the answers you need for PTO


Q.) What plans include ClockShark Time Off?

A.) ClockShark Time Off is an available feature for users on the Pro Plan.

Q.) What does ‘one block’ mean on the PTO policy plan builder? 

A.) When choosing how PTO/sick time is earned on the Policy Details step, one block means all the time will be added on the specified date (either on January 1 or the employee's employment anniversary), rather than accruing through time.

Q.) How do I set up a paid time off, sick leave, or unpaid time off policy? 

A.) Navigate to Time > Time Off > Policies > +Add Policy. For full details, visit the PTO help page.

Q.) Can I set up a PTO policy to be earned per hour worked?

A.) Yes! Employees can earn PTO each pay period based on the amount of time worked.

Q.) Can employees be assigned to multiple PTO/sick policies?

A.) Yes! Each employee can belong to as many PTO, unpaid, and sick time policies as you require. 

Q.) Can I add departments to the PTO/unpaid/sick policies?

A.) No. You can add individual employees or add all employees not currently assigned to a separate policy.

Q.) Can an employee have negative hours for PTO?

A.) Yes. Often companies will allow employees to have a negative balance. You’ll be alerted if an employee’s request puts them into a negative balance.

Q.) I accidentally declined a request, can I undo this and approve it?

A.) You can not approve an already declined request. In this case, the employee must send another request.

Q.) I accidentally approved a request, can I undo this and decline it?

A.) Yes! Just navigate to your approved requests Time > Time Off > Requests and select “Approved” from the status drop-down bar.  Now click “View” for whichever request and then “Decline” on the bottom left. You can do this even if the date of the approved time off has passed, and employees will get a notification. Those hours will be restored to the employee as if he/she did not take the time off.

Q.) Does the sick/PTO time show up on the reports?

A.) Yes! It will show up on the timesheet reports, CSV export, employee details report, employee summary report, and the Time Off report as a specific type of hour.

Q.) How many PTO/unpaid/sick policies can I set up?

A.) There are no limits to how many PTO and sick leave policies you can set up. Each employee can belong to as many PTO, Sick, and Unpaid policies as needed.

Q.) Are admins notified about requests made?

A.) Yes. Either the admin or managers with proper permissions will be emailed when an employee makes a request.

Q.) How do I edit a PTO/unpaid/sick policy?

A.) Policy plans that have employees assigned to them cannot be edited. Otherwise, navigate to Time > Time Off > Policies and click “view” for the specific policy. Then you click “edit” in the upper left corner to modify the aspects of the policy. For full details, visit “How to Edit or Delete a Policy

Q.) Can I save the hire date for each employee?

A.) Yes, you can! When editing/creating an employee you can add their hire date, as well as assign them a PTO and sick policy right from this page.

Q.) Can I assign more time to an employee when building a plan than the policy will allow?

A.) This is allowed just so you can keep employee time accurate in case you switch to a new PTO/sick policy. However, they will not be able to accrue any additional time while they are over the maximum.

Q.) Can I make a request for an employee?

A.) Yes! Head over to Time > Time Off > Requests > +Add Time Off. Here you can make requests on behalf of your employee and even approve them right away. 

Q.) Will the PTO/unpaid/sick time show up on the schedules or timesheets?

A.) Yes, it will! On the timesheets, it will show up with a plane icon for PTO time and an umbrella icon for sick time. Both are displayed in a striped blue shift for easy identification

Q.) How can I delete a policy?

A.) Navigate to Time > Time Off > Policies and click “view” for the specific policy.  Then you can click “delete” for the specific policy!  However, policies with active requests cannot be deleted. Policies with outstanding approved time-off requests cannot be deleted or edited. For full details, visit “How to Edit or Delete a Policy

Q.) Is there a way to change PTO from hours to days? (International)

A.) No, ClockShark uses hours as the unit of timekeeping in the time tracking system.  It is also useful in order for employees to request off half or even partial days, and also is flexible enough for employees that work longer shifts and fewer days per week (such as working "four tens").

Q.) Does the policy I just made comply with federal and state regulations?

A.) ClockShark Time Off software was built to be flexible enough to handle the complexities that state and federal regulations regarding sick and vacation time produce. We recommend that you always check with an HR or legal expert to understand if the plans you build comply with requirements.

Q.) How do I request time off?

A.) For full details, visit “How to Request Time Off