Multi-Time Zone FAQ

Learn about viewing, adding, and editing timesheets in different time zones


Managing mobile teams in different time zones can be difficult but our multi-time zone feature makes it a whole lot easier. Learn more below:

What is the multi-time zone feature?

The multi-time zone feature allows administrators to easily view, add, and edit employee timesheets in the time zone of their choice, including an employee’s local time zone.

How does that help?

No more converting time zones in your head—ClockShark does the work for you. Quickly confirm when your employees clocked in and out by easily viewing their timesheet in their local time zone.

Who is it for?

Businesses with employees working in different time zones or who cross into different time zones during the workweek. If your team works in only one time zone, you won’t need this feature.

Which plan has the multi-time zone feature?

This feature is only on the Pro plan.

What if I have a Basic or Standard plan?

Administrators can set the company time zone (default time zone) in ClockShark no matter which subscription plan you have. If you’d like to change your company time zone at any time, follow these steps:

  • From the dashboard, click ADMIN

  • Under Settings, click Company

  • On the Company Settings page, click Display Format

  • Click the drop-down menu under Time Zone to choose a new company time zone

Can I use the mobile app to see timesheets in different time zones?

Not yet. For now, time will display only in the company time zone when you use the mobile app.

I’m an employee or manager in ClockShark, can I use the web version to see timesheets in a different time zone?

Yes, if your administrator gave you permission to view or edit timesheets, you can see timesheets in different time zones on the web version.

What version of ClockShark do I need to use the multi-time zone feature?

Employees must have version 3.14.0 or higher downloaded to their mobile devices to take full advantage of this feature.

Only version 3.14.0 and higher records the time zone when employees track their time. If they use a version below 3.14.0, the app will record their time in the company time zone, not the time zone they’re working in.

So how do I use the multi-time zone feature?

See our how-to guide to find out how administrators can use it on the web version of ClockShark.

Still have a question?

Contact our support team to get friendly, knowledgeable advice on the multi-time zone feature, or anything else. We’re happy to help!