Syncing Your Mobile Device

Did your employer add a new job and you can’t see it or are you not able to clock in? Let’s refresh your device!

It’s a simple fix and you can be back up and ready to go in seconds!

Here is the simple path to refresh your app: 

Menu > Sync > Sync Now

This is the refresh button for the app to look for new jobs, new permissions, new clock events, and more!

In addition to the Sync button, you can refresh certain pages around the app to just look for new information on that page. You can also refresh the Who's Working Now screen to view a new clock-in for the company.

You may need to refresh your app for many reasons, here are a few that may apply to you: 

  • Trying to log into a job or task that isn’t showing on your mobile device (Recently added to the system)

  • Unable to switch, clock in, or out

  • Need to upload an attachment, but receiving an error message

  • If you have a sync queue and need to upload your time logs!  

  • Your employer has updated the settings on your profile and it hasn't been reflected on the device.

  • Admin can’t see you on the clock

  • If you see a message saying that you haven't been given permission to view something and you have already verified with your Admin that you have!

The sync feature is there to help give you a refresh button to click when you need your device to communicate with the main account!

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact our Support team and get ready for answers!