How Much Battery Does the ClockShark App Use?

ClockShark is designed to use minimal amounts of battery while an employee is clocked in

Like any app on your phone (say, Snapchat or Google Maps), the ClockShark mobile app will use some battery life.

However, you can expect the ClockShark mobile app to only use around 20% of a healthy, fully charged mobile battery in an 8-hour shift. This usage is standard for industry apps and includes enabled features, like GPS tracking and GPS fence

If you ever have any concerns about how much battery ClockShark is actually using, you can check on your phone! If you go into your phone's settings, it will show you the percentage of the battery that is being used by each app!


Android: Settings > Battery > Usage Details > Scroll to ClockShark
iOS: Settings > Battery > Scroll to ClockShark


Users are encouraged to notify our Customer Success team with any concerns about battery usage.