To add Employees, go to the Admin > People > Employees.

From the Employees screen, to add a new Employee click the +Add Employee button.

When setting up an employee, there are a plethora of settings and permissions that you have to option to dole out. Let's tackle these one by one and start with the obvious ones.

Note: Only admins have the access to add/edit employees so all of these settings are only accessible by admins.

Names: First of all, give your employee a First Name and Last Name. If you need to use a title or middle name, you can add these in the first name entry form.Β 

Email and Password: Next, you can assign an email and a password (note that this is case sensitive) to the employee and this will be what they use to login on the app and the website. Some companies prefer to use a standard convention, to make it easier for employees to remember passwords, such as first four letters of last name + last four digits of SSN. If the employee ever wants to change their password, they can do so by following this article. You can use a "fake email" for an employee but we always recommend setting up a real email for the login (they should have an email account if they have a smart phone either from Google or Apple). This way, the employee will automatically receive the welcome email from ClockShark which has a lot of FAQs, helpful information, their login information, and the links to download the app. If they ever forget their password as well, they can get it sent to them as a reminder πŸ˜ƒ You can always resend this email to them as well, by simply checking the "Resend Account Details and Download Instructions via Email" box and then updating the employee. βœ…Β 

Color: Helps you keep your employees organized. For example, you can make your field employees red, office employees blue, plumbers green, delivery drivers purple, etc. 🌈 

Role: Choose Employee or Admin. Admins automatically have access to everything in the system, while Employees will only be able to see their timesheets and schedules on the app and online, clock in on the app only by default, and any other manager permissions you assign them. Each Employee has a set of features which can be enabled or disabled, which are explained later in this article. Any Employee role user can also be given manager permissions to allow them to access time sheets and schedules for specific employees such as a specific department or business location.Β 

Base Pay Rate: Will let you run a Pay Rate Report to calculate the labor cost for an employee or any Job and Task they worked on. πŸ’²Β 

Departments & Locations (Pro Plan Only): This allows you to add this employee directly to a Department or Location. These are simply groups of employees that can be used around ClockShark. You can use these to view the Timesheets by group, schedule by group, grant permissions by group, run reports by group, etc. This is great if you use crews or have multiple offices. Departments will generally be groups or crews like "Field" employees or "Office" employees. While locations will generally be geographical as in "California Office" or "New York Office." 🏘️

PTO Settings (Pro Plan Only): If you already have your PTO policies set up, you can add your employees directly to a PTO/sick policy right when you create them. You can give them a starting balance for both PTO and sick policies. You can also add a hire date which helps certain policies calculate when your employee starts getting accrued hours or more. ✈️

Allow Job Adding Via Mobile: Gives the employees the power to quickly add a job on the mobile app. When choosing a job to clock into, they can click the "+" in the upper right corner and they can add a job to clock into. πŸ•™
Note: The employees can only add a job name, job number, and job address. Other settings like the description and GPSFence have to be added by an admin on the desktop website.

Allow Task Adding Via Mobile: Same idea as job adding. This gives the employees the power to quickly add a task in the field. When choosing a task to clock into, they can click the "+" in the upper right corner and they can add a task to clock into. πŸ•‘Note: The employees can only add a task name and task number. Things like the out of bounds/overtime exemption have to be added by an admin on the desktop website.

Allow Edits to Own Time and Creation of Manual Time Sheets via Mobile - When checked an Employee can edit previously created time sheets in the mobile app. This is helpful to allow for corrections to times that were punched incorrectly. They will also be able to fix the job/task if they choose the wrong one, add notes, and also file attachments. An employee will also be able to add a manual time sheet, which can be used to fill in a time the employee forgot to clock in for via the Time Clock. Edits and manual time sheets can be easily distinguished when reviewing time sheets, since they will be marked as "Edited By (Employee Name)" along with the date/time of the edit as well as a link to an audit trail record showing what specific information the employee added or changed. πŸ“
Note: No GPS locations will be provided with a manually added shift. Instead there will be red X's that state "Manually Added: Location Unavailable."

Allow Edits to Own Time Notes via Mobile - When checked, this allows the employees to add/edit just the time clock notes for that shift. This can be helpful if the employee forget to mention a detail in their notes or needed to clarify something. This only applies on mobile and they will not be able to change anything else about the shift.

Allow Clocking in for Self via My Time Clock on the Website - When checked, an Employee will be allowed to clock in and out from the ClockShark website. This is great for office staff but it is important to know that this method of clocking in does not track GPS locations. But when this method is unchecked, an employee will only be able to clock in and out via the mobile app. This is useful to prevent field employees from circumventing the GPS features of the mobile app by clocking in from the website. πŸ’»

Require Location Services (GPS) to Clock In Via Mobile - When checked, Location Services (GPS) must be enabled on the mobile device or the employee will not be allowed to clock in. This setting also ensures that the employee has their location services on throughout the duration of their shift, or else they will be automatically clocked out. The employee must also grant permission to the ClockShark app to use their location at all times, which can be done during installation of the mobile app or afterward from the Settings on the mobile device. πŸ“
Note: That employee locations will ONLY be recorded while an employee is clocked in for work. When clocked out or on break, locations are NOT tracked.

Enable GPSTrakβ„’ Location Updates While Clocked In Via Mobile - When checked, an employee's mobile app will attempt to record 3-4 locations per hour using the GPS on their mobile device. You'll see these locations reported on the View Time Sheets detail screens after the shift is complete, as well as on the Who's Working Now Screen while they are still on the clock. πŸ›°οΈΒ 

KioskClock Settings: If you want to take advantage of our KioskClock feature this is where you will set it up. Checking "Allow clocking in for others with CrewClockβ„’ via mobile" will enable them to clock in on a kiosk. You can "Require Photo Capture" which will require the employee to take a selfie when they clock in and clock out so you know exactly who is using the kiosk. Next, you can choose their role. Kiosk Admins can start the kiosk, exit the kiosk, and also clock in while Kiosk Employees can only clock in. Then finally you can set their PIN. πŸ“±

Note: Only an admin has the ability to change/view a PIN and they have to be unique numbers.

Article Note: Any changes made to will have to be synced by the employee on their app in order to take full effect. They can do this on their app by going to Menu > Sync > Sync now 🏁 

The last section is for manager permissions that you can grant your employees. Read about them here and if you have any other questions about these settings, please let us know @ πŸ† Β 

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