Does ClockShark Work Offline?

ClockShark relies on the GPS receiver so even when a mobile device lacks a signal, location tracking is still possible

Yes, ClockShark will work when employees travel outside of coverage! They will be able to clock in and out and then the punches will be sent to the ClockShark servers when the internet connection returns. The GPS Tracking features will still work even without cell coverage since they rely on GPS satellites and not the cellular network.

If an employee clocks out while not having service, the time will then show up in the Sync tab as a "Sync Queue" to be sent over to the website. Whenever they do reach an internet connection again, they can press the "Sync" button to send the time over and make sure they get paid!



Note: If you cannot see GPS tracking for a particular employee, please check out this list of common, easy-to-fix reasons GPS tracking can momentarily disappear.