Best Practices for Using the ClockShark Mobile App

Quickly find and fix any issues you are experiencing and get back up and running

Note: ClockShark will attempt to provide specific instructions based on each operating system when the changes are noteworthy, but some instructions may vary based on what system you are running.


Mobile phones provide an incredible amount of control for their users to decipher and implement. Sometimes, this collection of settings does more harm than good. But never fear, this article is here to give you simple and straightforward advice on how to keep ClockShark running easy and breezy. 

General Practice

Keeping Everything Updated

Updating your phone: Your mobile device is always changing, and new security and feature updates can affect the way apps run on your phone. It is important to keep them updated for a smoother experience.

  • Android Devices - Settings > System/Software Updates > Check

  • iOS Devices - Settings > General > Software Update

Updating ClockShark: ClockShark is always changing as well! Whether it is a bug fix or a new feature, keeping ClockShark updated is a must for pain-free usability.

  • Android Auto Updates - Google Play Store > Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps > Choose Preference

  • Android Manual Updates - Google Play Store > Search for 'ClockShark' > Update

  • iOS Auto Updates - Settings > iTunes & App Store > App Updates > Toggled on

  • iOS Manual Updates - App Store > Search for 'ClockShark' > Update

Networks and Common Issues

Network troubleshooting - While ClockShark does not require an internet connection in order for you to clock in and out, it does require the internet to function properly in some areas. Things like logging into the app, syncing your app, sending your time over, loading your schedules and timesheets, adding attachments, and more do require internet. If your app ever seems to not be able to connect or use the internet in these places, here are some easy steps that will usually solve your issue.

  • Reset your internet connection. Turning off your wifi/cellular data and turning it back on again usually does the trick.

  • Make sure you don't have a data saver enabled.
    - Android: Settings > Network/Connections > Data Usage > Data Saver
    - iOS: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Low Data Mode

  • For iOS devices make sure ClockShark has access to the cellular data. You can reach this page by going to Settings > ClockShark > Cellular Data 

  • Make sure that the background app data refresh is turned on, this can affect GPS and networking performance.
    - Android: You can find this under Settings > Apps > All Apps > ClockShark > App Data Usage > Background Data > On. For older Android devices you may need to set the restriction to "never."
    - iOS: This can be set by going to Settings > ClockShark > Background app refresh.

  • Turn off battery-saving mode. If you are using a battery-saving mode this could affect which apps have access to use your internet, which can send you new information, and more.
    - Android: Settings > Battery > Battery Saver
    - iOS: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
    Note: Different versions of Android have many different versions of battery savers. The make of your phone can also provide more battery-saving modes if they choose. Some Samsung phones have up to 4 different battery saving modes that all do different things! 

Notification troubleshooting - If you seem to be missing notifications that are supposed to get sent to you, try these steps.

  • Make sure that the notifications are turned on for ClockShark
    - Android: Settings > Apps > ClockShark > Notifications > Ensure they are on
    - iOS: Settings > ClockShark > Notifications > Ensure they are on

  • Note that the GPS Fence notification requires you to be logged into the app and to have your GPS correctly configured as well. 

  • If you have an unreliable internet connection, some notifications can be sent as emails from the website which has a better delivery system.

  • Repeat the network troubleshooting above as this could hamper the reliability of notifications being received as well. 

Other Common issues - If your time gets stopped or anything else out of the ordinary occurs, here are common reasons.

  • If you log into another device while your time is running, your time will automatically be stopped in order to prevent duplicate times running.

  • If your employer requires GPS and your GPS gets disabled you will get automatically clocked out. If you are having GPS issues keep reading below!

  • If you log out of the app while your time is running you will also get clocked out.

Troubleshooting GPS Issues

If you are having trouble getting a GPS connection, keeping a GPS connection, or getting accurate GPS data then you are in the right place! Remember that there are a lot of factors that can affect the quality of the GPS collected by ClockShark. We can tell you how to best gather this information, but certain factors like the device’s technical capabilities, weather, atmosphere, tall buildings, materials like metal and concrete, large bodies of water, etc. can hamper the GPS signal. 

Best Practices for both Platforms

  • Keep the phone connected to GPS, wifi, and cellular data if possible

  • Keep your phone with an unobstructed view of the sky

  • Do not place your phone in airplane mode

  • Do not place your phone in power-saving mode

  • Keep your device fully charged

  • Stay signed into the app

  • Do not turn off your device

  • Do not force stop the app or swipe it away

Troubleshooting for both Platforms

  • Restart your device

  • Toggle the location by turning it off and on
    - Android: Settings > Privacy/Security/Connections > Location > Off/On. Or use the pull-down menu.
    - iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off/On.

  • Make sure that the ClockShark app has permission to use the location.
    - Android: Settings > Apps > All apps > ClockShark > Permissions > Location > Always
    - iOS: Settings > ClockShark > Location > Always.

  • Reset all connections by toggling Airplane Mode off and on.
    - Android: Settings > Network/Connections > if needed [Advanced] > Airplane mode > Off/On.
    - iOS: Settings > Airplane Mode > Off/On.

Android Devices

  • All Versions
    - Make sure that background data is not restricted. You can find this in the app details page by going to Settings > Apps > All Apps > ClockShark > App Data Usage > Background Data > On. For older Android devices you may need to set the restriction to "never."

  • Android 10
    - This version of Android introduces the different location permissions you can grant to apps, similar to how iOS works. So you can grant apps permission to use the GPS never, while using, or always. It sounds a little confusing, but the "always" allows ClockShark to use your location even while the app is not up on the screen and so that is what you need to use. 

  • Android 9 and newer
    - We recommend not using any form of battery saver because they are all different and could affect your networking or GPS performance. But the battery saver on Android 9 and up in particular will disable your GPS in order to help save your battery and if your employer requires GPS you will get clocked out.

  • Android 8 and older
    - Make sure that the device is in "High accuracy mode" by going to Settings > Connections/Privacy > Location > Locating method > High accuracy.

iOS Devices

  • Make sure that the background app data refresh is turned on, this can affect GPS and networking performance. This can be set by going to Settings > ClockShark > Background app refresh.

  • Make sure that low power mode is not enabled. You can turn this off by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. If you have other battery-saving apps make sure ClockShark is unaffected by them.

  • Do not force close the app by swiping it away as this completely stops the app.

I hope you found this helpful! This guide should assist your troubleshooting and get you back up and running in no time. If you are still having issues please feel free to contact our Support team and get ready for answers!

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