Audit Log FAQ

Answers to some of the most asked questions about the Audit Log

The audit log is where admins can find specific changes people made in the ClockShark application.

Q.) Who can view the Audit Log?


Admins can see the entire audit log under the Admin tab on the website. Employees with permission to view timesheets can see audited changes to timesheets but nothing else in the audit log. Employees without that permission cannot view the audit log.

Q.) What is in the Audit Log?


  • Logins and logouts from the website and the mobile app
  • Timesheet edits from the website and the mobile app
  • Manual timesheet creations from the website and the mobile app
  • Timesheet deletions from the website and the mobile app
  • Timesheet approvals and unapprovals
  • Invoice creations, edits, status changes, and deletions
  • Quote creation, edits, status changes, and deletions
  • Payments and refunds toward invoices
  • Clearing the QuickBooks Desktop export queue
  • Time off accrual changes
  • Time off policy creations and deletions
  • Assigning people to a time off policy
  • Updates for employees when they are added to a new policy
  • Pending, approved, and declined time off requests
  • Time off refunds (when a request is approved and then either canceled or declined)
  • Deletion of job comments
  • Overtime rules are created, deleted, and edited, and when users are added to or removed from an overtime policy


Q.) What is the format of the Audit Log?


The audit log consists of three parts: date, time, and description. Some entries support viewing the changes. For example, if you change a timesheet you can see the old value and the new value.

Q.) What is not on the Audit Log?


Currently, you will not find changes related to jobs, employees, customers, tasks, schedules, departments/locations, or most company settings in the audit log.