A Guide to GPS Requirements for the ClockShark Mobile App

Learn about location settings on your mobile device for the ClockShark app



If you use the mobile ClockShark app to track your time, you may have questions about the app’s GPS requirements and how much location data you really need to share. While location data helps make time tracking more accurate, it’s important to balance the needs of the business with your privacy.

That’s why the GPS settings in ClockShark are customizable. When administrators add or edit employees, they can configure the GPS settings so they only ask for the information they actually need. Based on a company’s needs, there are three different ways to customize the settings (and three different GPS requirements for mobile users).

If your company:

1. Needs to see where their teams are during the workday:

Your administrator will enable the GPS tracking feature and require your GPS location when you clock in and out. When enabled, the GPS tracking feature will ping for your location every 15 – 20 minutes while you’re clocked in on the app.

When the app asks permission to access your location, select Always on your iPhone® or All the time on your Android® device. That way, the app will work properly in the background (even if you have another app pulled up on your phone). You’ll also need to make sure to share your precise location.

Selecting Always or All the time doesn’t mean the app will always know your location. The app does not ping for your location when you’re off the clock. After you clock out, the GPS tracking feature shuts off and doesn’t turn on again until the next time you clock in. Check out our GPS and privacy FAQ for more information.

2. Needs to know your location when you clock in and out:

Your administrator will require your GPS location but won’t enable the GPS tracking feature. This will allow them to see your location data only when you clock in and out and when you switch to a new job or task.

When the app asks for permission to access your location, select While Using the App on your iPhone or Only while using the app on your Android device. There’s no need to set your location permissions to Always when the GPS Tracking feature isn’t enabled. However, you do still need to share your precise location.

3. Doesn’t need to know your location at all:

Some businesses don’t need to know their employees’ GPS location. If your company is one of them, your administrator can choose not to enable the GPS Tracking feature or require your GPS location.

When the app asks permission to access your location, it’s fine to select Never on your iPhone or Deny on your Android device. If you select While using the app or Always, and on newer devices, if you have Precise Location enabled, the app will still record your location when you clock in, clock out, start a break, end a break, or switch to a new job or task.

Have questions?

If you need more information about GPS settings in ClockShark, contact our customer support team by calling 800-828-0689, chatting with a representative, or by emailing us at hello@clockshark.com