The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of companies - including our customers - concerned about their businesses and employees.

The ClockShark team is working hard to help guide you through this difficult time because we understand how uncertain things are right now.

While some small- and mid-sized companies are seeing an increase in business, others are either finding solutions to continue working or - in the worst cases - completely shut down. 

No matter where you are on the scale, we want to help you stay informed and continue to run your business with confidence. While COVID-19 has caused everyone to restructure and adapt, it won’t go on indefinitely.

Here is how ClockShark can help you adapt through the COVID-19 crisis

1. Remote Work Technology

While many companies were already transitioning to remote work and flexible schedules, ClockShark customers were already uniquely prepared for the shift.

Mobile Time Clock

COVID-19 has many workers heading straight to the worksites, rather than the office. Mobile time tracking allows your team to clock in when they start working, without the need to go into the office. Administrators can keep track of hours worked without leaving home.

ClockShark’s Mobile Time Tracking allows your workers to clock in and out wherever they are using their smartphones.

This gives your company the flexibility you need to keep workers working and continue to provide great customer service to your clients.

Web Punch Clock

Their companies can’t function without office and administrative staff. However, COVID-19 has many of these employees working from home.

With ClockShark’s Web Punch Clock, your work continues as your team clock in and out from home through their laptop or computer. This application is not just great for clocking in and out.

Employees can:

  • Check timesheets and schedules

  • Change jobs or tasks

  • Clock out for lunch or breaks

  • Share files

All from their desk without risking contracting or spreading the virus or sacrificing productivity.


We’ve all experienced being so engrossed in our work that we forget things. When you have remote or field workers, you can’t always be there to remind them to clock in or out.

With ClockShark you can set up reminders virtually to make sure all employees - back office and field workers - clock in and out and stay on schedule. These reminders are sent mobile push notifications.


Just because your administrative workers are working from home, doesn’t mean they won’t need valuable reports to continue keeping accurate records.

ClockShark’s reporting feature allows your off-site workers to access reports like payroll, invoicing, and job costing quickly and easily.

Clock-Out Questions

One challenge for some of our clients during COVID-19 is the risk of exposure to the virus. Using clock-out questions, you can have employees in the field answer important questions such as, “Did you come in contact with someone who was showing symptoms?” 

When working from home, your administrative staff can collect answers to questions from field workers without confusing phone calls or needing documentation.

With Clock Out Questions, you can create customized questionnaires that you assign to workers to respond when they clock out throughout the workday  with either multiple choice or yes-or-no responses.

2. Accurate Location Tracking

Many of our clients are field technicians and/or contractors who are working outside the office. Location tracking with ClockShark has helped them in numerous ways.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

GeoFencing keeps your employees in a particular geographic area which removes the need for unnecessary travel. GPS Tracking ensures they reach their destination in a timely manner. And since it leaves a bread crumb trail, in the unfortunate event that someone shows symptoms, you will know what their route was and, thus, where your crews should avoid in the future.

As a ClockShark, you have a lot of workers in the field and they are using GPS Tracking and Geofencing to help keep them safe and on task.

With GPS location tracking, you don’t have to interrupt your workers to find out where they are. While some GPS apps give you locations only when employees clock in or out, ClockShark’s GPS tracking lets you see at any time during the workday where your employees are.

With ClockShark’s GPSFence™, your field workers are reminded to clock in or out any time they leave a designated area or worksite. It’s super easy to set up so you don’t need to worry about physically monitoring where your workers are. You can do it on your computer.

Who’s Working Now

During the coronavirus pandemic, you don’t want your workers to travel unnecessarily.

The Who’s Working Now is a popular ClockShark feature. It helps reduce travel time because you can look to see who is where so when you get a call for service, you know who is closest. This not only helps keep your workers organized but improves your customer service, too.

3. Flexible Scheduling

ClockShark’s employee scheduling feature helps you stay on top of schedules and job information in real-time. This is particularly helpful if you have employees who are sick and need to self-isolate due to showing symptoms of - or coming in contact with - coronavirus.

Not only can you create schedules from your desk, but your employees can access the schedule from their mobile devices. Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your employees organized and busy.

4. Time Off

ClockShark makes it simple to create policies and assign employees accordingly without the need for in-person meetings. It also makes keeping track much easier so you can keep accurate records of who is off and who is not.

The U.S. government has launched a number of initiatives to help small businesses through the coronavirus. The Family First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) provides new regulations for how much paid time employees can take off - up to 80 hours - due to the coronavirus.


Keeping track of Time Off is traditionally a nightmare but ClockShark’s Time Off makes it simpler than ever. 

With ClockShark, you can use the Time Off feature to build vacation and sick leave policies and request and approve (or decline) those requests. All from your computer or mobile device.

5. Payroll Integrations

When you have to work from home, it doesn’t need to disrupt your payroll process. With the U.S. government’s Paycheck Protection Program, many small businesses are going to be able to continue providing wages for their workers.

If you use payroll programs such as Quickbooks, Sage 100 Contractor, ADP Payroll, and Xero, ClockShark makes processing payroll a snap, even from home.


ClockShark is working hard to make sure our clients can continue to provide exceptional service to their customers. We know this is an uncertain time but we are happy to see the many ways our clients are using ClockShark’s time tracking technology to stay busy and competitive.

We are here for you!

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