Zapier allows you to link apps together, and pass information between them. ClockShark's integration with Zapier permits users to create custom events when things happen in ClockShark. 

For example, using ClockShark and Zapier, you can receive email alerts every time an employee clocks in. This is just one of the powerful benefits of using ClockShark and Zapier together. 😃

How It Works

  1. Search for ClockShark in Zapier 

2. Select the Trigger you want 

3. Connect Your ClockShark Account to Zapier

4. Add the Zapier Integration in your ClockShark Account
You can find the integrations under the Admin Menu.

Find the Zapier integration under the "Other Integrations" section and click on the "+ Add" button.

Click on the "Generate Zapier Api Key" button. 

Copy the newly generated Api Key and paste it into Zapier to connect the accounts.

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