Biweekly updates on new bug fixes, enhancements, feature releases, and more!

October 12th, 2021

Mobile App 3.15.0

Improved the experience of our Quotes on the mobile app. Now you can make and view comments, update the status, and also view the Quote totaled by sections if applicable. Also fixed bugs surrounding the most recent ping and changing time zones, the magic sign-in link not directing to the correct place, the @ mention symbol not populating correctly on iOS devices, Job actions disappearing on the mobile app, Customers syncing properly offline, and more all fixed!

QBO Billable Rates

With our QuickBooks Online integration, you can now add a billable rate based on the task/service item mapping. So now you can change the rate charged to your customers in QuickBooks based on the type of work done by your employee. This task billable rate is the highest priority used if there are multiple billable rates.

Small Enhancements

Small improvements include updating the company time zone selector to match the new company time zone on Timesheets, we increased the font size for certain labels around the website, and we fixed a link for the Ryvit connector download for the Sage integration. Finally, we improved the Add/Edit Employee page to be more readable and user-friendly while keeping all the same functionality.

Bug Fixes

We fixed bugs around the GPSTrak time format being hard to read, added support to export PTO to ADP even if the policy had been deleted, and also a bug where the earning codes were being duplicated on the ADP mappings page.

September 28th, 2021

New Button

When adding something from the +New button in the upper left, that item will become immediately available on whatever page you are on.

Small Enhancements

Added markers for required fields of an employee, the scheduled shift pop-up has improved styling, and the employees are now alphabetized on the add time off page.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs surrounding an incorrect error when adding manager permissions while creating an employee, employees with the correct permissions not being able to click on the Job link in the scheduling pop-up, the edit Invoice showing the contact instead of the Business Customer, the multi-time zone tooltip not going away, and more fixed!

September 14th, 2021

Multi-Time Zone Timesheets

On the Timesheets and the Timesheet Details pages, you can now view the data from the perspective of a different time zone. There is a time zone selector in the upper right by the +Add Time button. Before the timesheets were always shown from company time, but now you can have your choice. For example, if your company is located in Pacific Time, your employee in New York will show up as working 5am - 2pm. But now you can choose to view this in Eastern Time which would be 8am - 5pm, the actual hours he worked. There is also a "Local Times" option which will show you the time zone that the employee used. This is great for traveling employees that may cross time zones, all the time zones will be listed.

Small Enhancements

The Alerts and Reminders page has been redesigned to match other settings pages we have with a left tab design. This is in preparation for new notification enhancements coming soon. Other improvements include the ability to select 'no task' on a scheduled shift, adding an item with our +New button will now immediately show the newly created item for some situations (eventually will be all situations), and now the schedules maintain the time range when you are switching from the Employee/Job view.

Bug Fixes

Bugs fixed recently include the inactive/deleted jobs showing up incorrectly on the scheduler, the Who's Working Now page not automatically updating, Invoices unable to be marked with full payment in certain cases, sorting by the first name if Employees have the same last name, Quote attachments disappearing in certain situations, and being able to update an Invoice straight from draft status to past due status. All this and more fixed!

August 31st, 2021

Overtime Segmentation

Added the ability for users to create multiple sets of overtime rules and apply these to employees of their choosing. This will affect timesheets, reports, integration exports, etc. This is available for companies on the Pro Plan.


Work was done to support the next generation of ADP integrations so that will be a smooth transition. Also added the ability to view and update the stage of a Job directly from the scheduler when clicking on a Job and viewing the pop-up shift details.

Bug Fixes

Notable bugs fixed include a color and styling issue on the GPSTrak on the Timesheets, breaks shifting time when editing on mobile due to a time zone issue, the employee name not pre-populating on the scheduler, in specific cases PTO missing from the Quick Summary report, extra rows showing up on the Quick Summary report, the 'delete' help text remaining on the schedule page, an error when changing job color on the schedules, and more fixed!

August 17th, 2021

Quotes, Invoices, & Payments

Our Quotes, Invoices, & Payments feature is now available as a work-in-progress preview to ClockShark customers. In an effort to make this feature even better, we want more users to have access and provide valuable feedback.

Small Enhancements

The Who's Working Now page was updated with improved styling, we added clearer descriptions of how the mapping works with our QuickBooks Online integration, and we have more specific warnings on Quotes, Invoices, and Jobs when changing the Customer will break an association, remove billed time, etc.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs include our employee selector for access control and manager permissions was not correctly displaying who was selected after refreshing the page, the active/inactive Task filters were not working properly, PTO hire dates were shifted one day due to a time zone issue, creating a new scheduled shift for any employee was not pre-populating the employee, and more all fixed!

August 3rd, 2021

New Filters and Dropdowns

We introduced a new Job filter on the Who's Working Now page. So now you can filter down to a specific Job and see who is currently clocked into it. We also updated the filter style around the website. Instead of a large selection and a tile-like display, the filters are now simple checkboxes. The search was also improved so after you search and make a selection, the search is cleared so you can quickly start typing again. Many of our dropdown selectors across the website were also updated.

Small Enhancements

The drag-and-drop functionally for line items on Quotes and Invoices was improved with better highlighting where you are dragging your item and better control. The schedule shift pop-up was also enhanced with new styling and a scroll bar to view all the shift notes attached.

Bug Fixes

Some bugs that were fixed during this period include scheduled Tasks not appearing on the mobile app in certain situations, the Time Off hours available were calculated wrong on the website, the create new customer option when creating and Job/Quote/Invoice was not working properly, the Safari browser was causing some issues with our new dropdown selectors, we had schedule warnings that were firing incorrectly, and lastly we had the Quick Summary and Time Off reports that were reporting Time Off incorrectly if the requested date split the date range selected, all of these and more have been fixed!

Mobile App 3.13.0 & 3.13.1

These two versions fix a lot of minor bugs around the app including geofence reminders not firing on iOS devices, wrong location permissions being applied on the Android scheduler, added job contacts were not visible, the iOS version could not tap on certain phone numbers, Customers were not requiring a first name on iOS, a kiosk issue where you weren't appearing clocked in, and more. The 3.13.1 version fixes a bug where KioskClock photos were not being saved properly and were not being shown on the timesheets.

July 20th, 2021

Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs including validation for the email when you are sending a Quote/Invoice, copying the correct contacts when you copy a Job, and an issue on the Company Settings page that would not let you change the start day of the week.

Small Enhancements

Added enhancements of displaying the Employee ID for Time Off shifts on the CSV Export report, moving the balance field for Invoices next to the total for easier reading, deleting entire tax rates from an individual Quote/Invoice, and payment status on Invoice for ClockShark Payments.

July 12th, 2021

Mobile App 3.12.0

The search on the Time Clock page has been greatly expanded to include a Customers search and a combined Job/Customer search. Now that Customers are searchable they are also creatable and editable on the mobile app. Each Customer now has a Jobs tab to view all Jobs assigned to that Customer. Customers and Jobs are controlled by an edit customer and edit job permission that you can selectively grant to employees.

July 6th, 2021

Company Settings

The Company Settings page has moved to a tabbed approach for greater organization, grouping, and clarity.

Edit Customers

We created a new "Edit Customers" permission so employees can be granted permission to edit existing customers and create new customers as well.

Bug Fixes

Bugs fixed include not being able to select a customer when adding unbilled time to an invoice, wrong page redirection after saving an invoice, self-serve trial appearing in the Schedule print page, Job contacts overwriting other job contacts, and maintaining the calendar range on the schedules when switching from Job/Employee view.

Small Enhancements

Enhancements this week include adding a Job/Task breakdown to the Employee Details report, adding pagination for improved loading on the QBO Customers wizard, making headers on the reports more consistent, and increasing the target area when dragging and dropping line items on Quotes/Invoices.

June 23rd, 2021

New Button

Added a "+New Button" on the header menu. This allows you to create a Customer, Job, Task, Quote, Invoice, or Employee from anywhere in ClockShark. The header is also sticky now and follows you down the page.

Small Enhancements

We have added a lot of new functionality around the site as well. Examples include adding the start/end break times on the details reports, automatically populating the employee email from QBO when importing them in manually, expanding the Quote footer, Invoice footer, and line item description character limits to 5000 characters, adding a grace period of one week if you miss your payment while in good standing, Job Stages are now always on and available for all plan levels, and finally added a warning if you try to schedule a task to a job that doesn't have access to it.

Bugs Fixed

Notable bugs that were fixed include an inefficient QuickBooks Online sync for larger amounts of Customers and Jobs, improving the response time of the reports page load time, fixing a daylight savings time issue on the report date ranges, and allowing Timesheets to export on QuickBooks Desktop if the employee only had Time Off entries.

June 8th, 2021

Quotes, Invoices, & Payments Enhancements

Add lots of usability improvements to the Quotes, Invoices, and Payments feature. First, issue dates default to the day you send the Quote or Invoice, and the due date for an invoice defaults to 30 days after the send date. Other highlights include labeling the ClockShark user that manually requested changes, adding sections to the Manage Associations pop up for easier selection, when adding billable time and expanding into the shift view your selections are preserved, the "select all" option on adding billable time only shows when appropriate now, adding a default subject message for emails, you can send Quotes and Invoices from the Customer page, and much more!

Customers Always-On

Since Customers are an integral part of organization and the ClockShark all-in-one toolkit, it is now always-on for all companies. This does not affect any integration setup and is available for all pricing plans.

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Elsewhere around the site, we have added support to bulk import Employee IDs on the Data Import feature. A couple of bugs that were fixed include a display issue on Safari, fix overnight shift total calculations on the scheduler, and lastly, a Gusto sync issue if the settings were different than expected.

May 25th, 2021

ClockShark Toolkit

ClockShark's all-in-one toolkit you get the industry's #1 timesheet app, plus everything you need to finish jobs quickly and accurately while getting paid faster. Create Quotes and send them to your Customers online. Once accepted, convert these Quotes into Jobs and schedule them. Your team can use our powerful time tracking and this time can be billed to the Customer and they can pay directly with ClockShark Payments. Learn more about this workflow here.

Expert Plan

The ClockShark Toolkit is available on our new Expert Plan. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

Trial the Expert Plan

Now you can test our features before committing to paying for them. We are introducing a new self-serve trial that allows you to test the Expert plan for two weeks and experience all of the features that ClockShark has to offer. Look for the banners around the website or visit the Billing & Payment page to get started.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Other enhancements include adding attachments to Quotes and Invoices, employees can view Customers they have access to on the website, and new edit pop-ups for Customers. Bug fixes include warning on schedules when access control wasn't enabled, QBO syncing over address information, and an ADP task mapping error.

May 12th, 2021

Quotes, Invoices, & Payments

A soft launch for the Quotes, Invoices, & Payments feature. For a limited time this is available to all plans and to all users. You can create Quotes for your customers, convert them into Jobs, then Invoice based on the time worked in ClockShark, and get paid online through ClockShark Payments or record payments manually. Learn more about this feature here.

Navigation Redesign

The "Admin" menu was growing very long and it was hard to use or find anything in the list. We designed a new navigation layout to help separate things into more meaningful categories. The "Time" section now includes Schedules, Timesheets, Approvals, Time Off, and more. The "Work" section includes Customers, Jobs, Tasks, Quotes, and Invoices. The "Admin" section is still the go-to area for managing your team, company-wide settings, and feature-specific settings. The Notifications page was renamed "Alerts and Reminders" to not confuse it with our notification bell area. The Who's Working Now page is also easier to get to now. Employees will be able to view the Jobs and Customers they have access to online, just like they can on the mobile app. Employees with manager permissions won't see the "Admin" menu now either.

Timesheet Alerts Report

This new report allows you to get a summary of all the alerts that appear on the timesheets, and well as a detailed breakdown for each employee shift. Read more in this help article.

Mobile App 3.11.0

This version of the mobile app added support for viewing geofences on the Job Details view. We also improved our redirecting after tapping a notification, so a notification about a Job will take you to that Job. Fixed bugs around task access control, WWN not showing all employees, and other bugs. The nearby job distance is now configurable in the settings, updated styles for new Job/Task selectors, viewing both the date and time of an edit, and more enhancements.

April 13th, 2021

Scheduler Warning

We will now provide a warning when you are attempting to schedule a job or task that the employee does not have access to. This matches behavior on the mobile app.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where scheduler warnings were being misapplied when the access was around a department or location. Other bugs fixed were around a QBO customer not being imported due to a long website address and notifying schedule updates incorrectly.


Two enhancements include adding a "fax" option for contacts and moving the referral link under the user initials.

March 30th, 2021

Reports Landing Page

Our number of reports has been growing and the old display was hard to use. We created a new landing page for the reports to quickly see all of the reports and the information they provide. Clicking on a report takes you to the report generation screen like normal. You can also switch back and forth between reports on this page. Added new functionality for viewing reports versus downloading them for easier use.

Employee IDs

We now display the Employee IDs around the website on the Timesheets, Schedules, and Reports just like we do for Job Number and Task Code.

Mobile App 3.10.0

The biggest change is enforcement of "allow always" location permission when both GPS and GPSTrak are required for users. Check out this help article for more information on our GPS requirements. We also updated the Time Clock to show the number of comments on the current job. We also added Conversation support for Customers so you can follow Customers, leave comments on Customers, and also view contacts and attachments. Other changes include allowing skipping days on Time Off requests, updated styles for the CrewClock page, and a bug fix for attachment sizes growing. Many performance improvements to the job and task selectors for clocking in and also for the CrewClock page.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Other enhancements around the website include adding Department/Location filters on the Employee list, now importing job addresses from Sage, importing customer notes in QuickBooks Online, fixing a bug where ADP Pay Rates were not be assigned correctly, and also fixing a bug where the Gusto export was failing due to mismatching pay periods and time off exports.

March 16th, 2021

Schedule Update

Another improvement for the schedules. Now shift notes are visible on the pop-up modal so you do not have to "edit" the shift to view them. The Job and Customer are both clickable links so you can quickly navigate to them.

Bug Fixes

Fixed various bugs. Shifts would appear missing with a start time of 11:59 pm, adding multiple shifts in a row on the Timesheets would cause a javascript error, and Missing In notifications were being falsely reported.

Small Enhancements

Multi-select dropdowns now stay open by default in order to allow you to select multiple items without opening them back up, clicking away closes the dropdown. Other enhancements include task codes being added to the website time clock, we will warn you if you have the caps lock on when logging in, and we now list the day of the week when viewing the timesheets for employees.

March 2nd, 2021

Mobile App 3.9.0

This version adds support to view Customer and Contact information on the mobile app. Also adds a push notification for Conversations when there is a new notification based on Jobs you follow or if you have been mentioned in a comment. Fixes a few bugs like editing breaks on the iOS version, and correcting the display when canceling a Time Off request.

Schedule Update

Added a small update to the style on the schedules side panel; updated to more closely match the rest of the website and provide more emphasis on the scheduling calendar.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the bugs fixed in the mobile app release, a few other bugs were addressed. These include the orange dot on the Notification bell icon incorrectly showing up on sign-in, and fixing the time zone on the Sage integration sync log.

Small Enhancements

Update the styles for comments made by deleted users, allows the employee name to still be seen and any messages they were mentioned in. Added the chat bubble on the sign-in screen for easy access to our Support team.

February 16th, 2021

Auto Focus

When visiting a list page (e.g. Jobs List), the cursor will automatically focus on the search bar so you can begin typing right away. This is also true when creating new items like Jobs, Employees, Customers, etc.

Improved Time Off Audit Logs

Added more functionality in the Audit Logs for Time Off events. There is more consistent formatting with the users, policies, and balances involved. Also created a new log entry when a carry-over balance is in effect and limits a full accrual.

February 2nd, 2021

What's New Page

Now you can view information on our latest release to learn about feature releases, product enhancements, and bug fixes. Bookmark this page, or reach it any time from the "What's New" link in the help menu.

January 26th, 2021

Multi-select Dropdown

The dropdowns around the website where you can select multiple items, had a bug fixed so you can hold the CTRL-key in order to easily select items without needing to reopen the dropdown. Will be improved in the future so holding down this key isn't needed.

Reports performance

Optimize reports for greater speed and efficiency, especially for the Pay Rate and Quick Summary reports.

December 1st, 2020

ADP Earnings Code Override

This enhances the ADP Workforce Now integration by being able to export Tasks from ClockShark to specific earnings codes in ADP instead of only the default ones.

November 25th, 2020

ClockShark Conversations

ClockShark Conversations allow admins and employees alike to communicate with each other via a comment thread added to each Job and Customer. This is accessible from both the mobile app (Customers on the mobile app will be available soon) and the website so everyone can communicate with their normal workflow. Everyone that has access to the Job/Customer can be mentioned in the thread so they get a notification that there is something important to see. Jobs and Customers can also be followed so notifications can be sent when there is new activity.

Employee ID

Added an employee ID field that is visible on the CSV export report. Working on expanding this functionality to other pages on the website.

September 22nd, 2020

Quick Summary Report

The Quick Summary report lets you grab a quick snapshot of total hours by Employees, Jobs, Tasks, or Customers. It also has an optional breakdown where you can get the total hours for every other category (e.g. a report that gives you total hours for each employee and the total hours that each employee worked on Jobs).

August 21st, 2020

Mobile App Timeline

The Timeline feature boils down the normal workday of a user and lets them see it. You will be able to see your locations for the day, when you clocked in, switched, took breaks, and view the GPSTraks for the entire day all in a timeline format on the app. This is accessible in the upper right corner of the Time Clock page.

July 6th, 2020

Clock Out Questions Update

Adds functionality to our Clock Out Questions feature so that questionnaires have the option to be asked only on clock out instead of switches. The short answer response is also being increased to 250 characters.

June 23rd, 2020

Job Stages

Released Job Stages which allow you to create custom stages for your company and workflow to help track the life cycle of your Jobs. Also increased the "Job Description" field to 2000 characters and added an "Edit Jobs" manager permission so employees can view/edit Jobs just like admins can.

New Time Off Report

Our new Time Off report provides a lot more useful information while also staying succinct enough to not waste paper and space. New additions include being able to filter by the status of the request, display the totals by Time Off policy, employee and manager notes, and more.

ADP Canada Integration

Now support our ClockShark integration with ADP Canada WorkForce Now customers.

March 13th, 2020

Mobile Time Clock Remodel

Our 3.0.0 version of the mobile app introduced an updated interface that gives the user their visible location, a new Job card for easier access to important information, better Job/Task selectors, a new search bar, and more.

May 5th, 2020

Data Import

The Data Import feature allows you to quickly and easily upload CSV spreadsheets of Employees, Jobs, and Tasks into ClockShark which can drastically reduce time spent doing manual entry.

April 22nd, 2020


Our new Customers feature is released. Customers allow you to assign jobs to an individual or business, track contact information, provide another layer of tracking and reporting, integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and Online. This will help both admins and employees stay more organized and informed. This is currently available on the website but support will be added to the mobile app.

New Integrations with Gusto, Paychex, MYOB, and a Sage improvement

  • With our MYOB integration, you can sync up your customers, jobs, employees, and tasks and export time tracked in ClockShark directly into MYOB. There you can use it for job costing, invoicing, payroll, etc.

  • Our Paychex integration allows you to create an export file in the proper format so you can easily upload time into Paychex.

  • The Gusto integration lets you track all of your regular time and overtime in ClockShark, match up your employees, and export the time over immediately.

  • We also updated the Sage 100 integration to support creating new jobs in ClockShark when they are synced over from Sage.

March 23rd, 2020

Overlapping Time Notification

This feature added a check for any overlapping time caused by manual time entry, or employees with syncing differences, and place a clock exception on the timesheet. The admin can also choose to receive an optional email.

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