ClockShark is the leading time tracking and scheduling app for local construction and field service companies. It was created to be super quick and user friendly!

Logging in and Clocking On

To get started, simply download the app onto your mobile device and log in with your email and password provided to you by your company. When you first open the app it is simple, just press the Clock In button! There you will be able to choose your job and your task and then you are on the clock. ⏰

Once you are on the clock you can start a break, switch to a new job or task, or clock out. Just look for these buttons in the middle of the Time Clock Page. Click here for a quick video showing you the Time Clock in greater detail.

ClockShark may track your location (based on your company's settings) but it is important to know that we only do this while you are on the clock. If you are on break, or clocked off for the day we don't track locations at all. πŸ—ΊοΈ

At the top of the Time Clock page you'll see a map showing you the last tracked location. So if you have the GPS on for ClockShark, you will be able to see exactly what data we are using for your clock in. If you have the GPSTrak feature (periodic GPS locations throughout your shift) enabled for your account, this map will update throughout the day to show you your last used location data as well. πŸ“

On the map there is an icon on the right representing a GPS path which brings you to our Timeline. The Timeline allows you view all your clock in, clock out, start break, end break, and GPS Trak locations for the day so far. This is also available when you are off the clock and is a great way to review your own location data.

If you need to leave any notes or attachments on your shift, you can find that section right underneath the job card on the Time Clock page of the app. There you can leave up to 2000 characters of notes and add photos and files. πŸ“ You can read more detailed instructions here.

The rest of the app is really easy to navigate. The Menu will be in the upper left and from there you can view your Timesheets, Schedules, Sync page, Settings, and anything else you may have access to. You can read all about the other pages on the app in more detail here.

The Sync page is like a big refresh button where you can sync your app with any changes that have been made with your company's ClockShark account. For example, if your company adds another job for you to work, but you can't find it, you may just need to run a sync for your app to recognize the change. Most pages in ClockShark have the ability to pull down to refresh or have a refresh button you can use as well. If you ever work in areas with bad cell service, ClockShark will still track all your time and breaks! The time will then show up in the Sync tab as a "Sync Queue" to be sent over to the website. Whenever you do reach an internet connection again, you can press the "Sync" button to send the time over and make sure you get paid! πŸ”„


How much battery does ClockShark use? πŸ”‹
-This can vary depending our your company settings but you can expect the ClockShark mobile app to only use around 10% - 20% of a healthy, fully charged mobile battery in an 8-hour shift. You can read more in this article.

How much data does ClockShark use? πŸ“‘

-This can also vary depending on the usage, but the app is designed to only use about 5-20 MB of data on average per month. That is for a employee using that app for 8 hour days/40 hours a week. Even on a small 2GB plan that is only about 1% of the data.

What permissions does ClockShark require? πŸ“±

-ClockShark requires location permission, camera permission, and storage permission. ClockShark needs the location permission from your phone in order to request GPS locations from your device, while the camera and storage permissions allow you to take pictures through the app and upload photos/attachments. To read about all these settings in great detail check out this article.

What files can I upload on ClockShark? πŸ“Ž
-Most types of documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, photos, presentations and more. The only notable exceptions are that live photos on iOS devices will not work as well as .html files and .exe programs. You can view the full list here.

How can I change my password? πŸ”‘
-Log into the ClockShark website with your email and password and then hover over your initials in the upper right corner, and then click on the change password link. You can see more in depth directions here.

Be sure to check out all of our other articles in this section for information on other features you may be interacting with. Here you some you may find useful:

Kiosk Clock

If your company uses our KioskClock to clock in, they will provide you with a PIN that you will use to clock in and out. More directions on the KioskClock can be found here.

Crew Clock

If you have access to CrewClock, this is a feature that allows supervisors and foreman to punch the clock for other employees or for entire crews at once. You can access this from the slide-out menu. πŸ‘· Start by selecting which crew members you want to work with by tapping on their names. With the employees selected, tap the checkmark icon on the top of the screen to clock them in, clock them out, start a break and more. You can read more about the CrewClock feature here.

Clock Out Questions

Your company may use our Clock Out Questions which allows them to ask you a short series of questions before clocking out. These can be used to track injuries, supplies used, progress made, and more. You can read more about them here.

Need some help troubleshooting?

Check out our best practices for the ClockShark app so you can enable the correct settings and minimize any issues you may run into.

Have questions or issues with GPS? Look through our guides to fixing common issues on Android devices and also iOS devices.


Got some questions? No problem! 😁

You can contact our support team three different ways:

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