You gave us feedback and we put that into action! Our new Time Off report provides a whole boatload of useful information while also staying succinct enough to not waste paper and space. The new report is split into a Summary section and a Details section. Read on to see them in action!

Report Selection

When you are running the report, you'll be able to run the report for your desired date range and set of employees, departments, and locations. You'll also notice a new drop down option for the Status of the time off requests. The default will be "Approved" which includes both "Taken" and "Approved" periods, this matches the functionality of our old report. But we have also added options for "Pending", "Declined", and "All" so you can run the right report to get the information you need. ✅

Viewing the Report

After you make your data selections you can run the report. The top section is the Summary section which will give you quick and easy overview of any time off for the selected employee in the date range. On the left side you can view the date range along with the total number of requests made by the employee. On the right side you will see the total number of hours requested for each policy that the employee is in, or any past policy they requested in the date range. Then you will see a the total hours requested.

The Details section on the bottom lists each request made with the dates, start and end times, total for each day, total for the entire request, as well as any notes made by the admin or the employee. 📝

Using the Status

One of the best things about this report is that it can be run for certain statuses that the time off period may be in. As stated above the "Approved" status is the default as these will be time off requests that have been accepted or already taken. However, you can use this report to get a snapshot of requests that were declined, requests that are pending and need an answer, and more. Below is an example of the report being run for all statuses. Notice that summary section now includes totals for requested, declined, and pending shifts!

If you have any other questions about these settings, please let us know by contacting us at 🏆

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