One of the most powerful features of our QuickBooks Integrations is the ability to create a customer, job, employee, or service item and have them be automatically created in ClockShark. This helps reduce duplicate entries and saves you time ⌚ 

QuickBooks Desktop:

To start you will need to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. Once you are all set there, you can navigate to Admin > Integrations > Manage and ensure that the "Automatic Import" box is checked ✅ 

There are a few other settings for you to change. You can choose to import jobs and customers, or just jobs. If importing both, you also have the option to only display the job name or also display the customer name along with the job. Next you can choose to make the time exported billable by default. This will make all time you exporting able to be added to an invoice for customers. The next setting lets you choose which type of address you would like jobs imported into ClockShark to use, either billing address or shipping address. And finally you can choose the default payroll items to be used by tasks in ClockShark. It is also important to note that you can override the billable status or payroll item for any task by going to Admin > Integrations  > Manage > Configure Mappings > Service Items.

Once this is all set up you are ready to import! As long as the "Automatic Import" box is checked, any job, customer, employee or service item you create in QuickBooks will be automatically created and mapped in ClockShark after you run the QuickBooks Web Connector! 😀 

So lets create a job and run the Web Connector! 🏃  

Now you can see that the job was automatically created in my ClockShark account and also mapped together! ✅  

This is a very powerful and useful feature of the QuickBooks integration but there are two important distinctions to make. 

  1. ClockShark will only ever try to automatically import something once. So if you have 20 newly created jobs that you don't want to import, you can simply turn off the automatic import, run the web connector, and then ClockShark will never attempt to import these jobs. This is true even when you turn the automatic import back on. 🚫 
  2. ClockShark will always try to match the information in QuickBooks. So if you change the name of a job in QuickBooks, ClockShark will be updated with that name change. Likewise, if you inactivate a job in ClockShark but it is still mapped to a QuickBooks job, then QuickBooks will overwrite this change and reactivate that job in ClockShark. The same goes for service items and crucially employees, which of course you are charged for. It is very important that if you do not want any overwriting to occur, you simply need to delete the mapping between ClockShark and QuickBooks. This will not delete any information or records in either product, it will just get rid of the connection between them. 👍 

QuickBooks Online:

The QuickBooks Online integration is pretty similar but has a couple of bonus features that are extremely handy 🔨 

To start you will need to integrate with QuickBooks Online. Once you are all set there, you can navigate to Admin > Integrations  > Manage and choose your Auto-Map Direction ✅ 

With the QuickBooks Online integration, you can actually create jobs/customers and tasks/service items from either ClockShark or QuickBooks and the same item will be automatically created in the other service. That is what the "Auto-Map" direction will be. So you can choose for the flow to go from QuickBooks to ClockShark or ClockShark to QuickBooks.
Note: That timesheets can only flow from ClockShark to QuickBooks and ClockShark cannot create employees/vendors or projects in QuickBooks

Or you can simply choose the "None" option which means you will have to do everything manually but you will also have full control 👌

You also have the option to choose which type of address you would like jobs imported into ClockShark to use, either billing address or shipping address. Next you can choose to export your time by start and end or just by total hours. And finally, you can designate the time exported to be billable by default. Time imported into QuickBooks marked as billable can be added to invoices. You will also need to assign a default hourly rate for the billable time. But note that you can override this amount in QuickBooks if you need to change it.

There are two different ways to automatically import items using QuickBooks Online:

  1. Create your customer, job, or service item, employee, or task in your start location for the auto-map. Within 60 minutes that item should automatically be imported and mapped into the other service. So with my current settings, say I create a job in QuickBooks Online. That job will automatically be imported and mapped in ClockShark with 60 minutes 🕕 
  2. Go to Admin > Integrations > QuickBooks + "Manage" > Create New Mappings. This will walk you through each aspect between ClockShark and QuickBooks. So the "Customers" tab will be used to create new jobs in ClockShark. While the "Jobs" tab can create a new job in QuickBooks. The "Employees" and "Vendors"tab will create new employees in ClockShark. And lastly the "Service Items" tab will create new tasks in ClockShark, while the "Tasks" tab will be used to create new service items in QuickBooks. This method will take effect immediately as well, no waiting involved!🔃 😎

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact our Support team and get ready for answers! 🏆

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