ClockShark has the ability to adjust your Time Display Format to how your company does your accounting! 🧮

What does it mean? 

ClockShark can help break down the difference between decimal and minute format! Here is a mini-math breakdown too! 

In order to calculate payroll, time requires to be in decimal form so that it can be multiplied by an employee's pay rate. 

Have no fear! It's one of the easier calculations in business! 

Converting decimals into minutes!

 To convert time into decimals back to minutes you will need to simply take the decimal portion of the number and multiple it by 60.
[ Why 60? Because there are 60 minutes in one hour! ]

Converting minutes into decimals!
To convert time into decimals is very simple! You would want to take the hours and minutes and simply divide by 60.
Let's do an example! For 1 hour and 35 minutes, so 35/ 60, i.e. 35/60= .58.
So your answer is 1.58!

You can choose your setting by clicking this link or by going to Admin > Company Settings > Display Format > Time Totals > select Decimal or Hours and Minutes > Save

While this extra formatting is good for humans, it's even more amazing for accountants that don't need the extra step! 😃

If you have any additional questions about adjusting your time display format in ClockShark, check out the similar help articles listed below, or let us know directly. 😄

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