How is annual and monthly pricing different?

Monthly subscription plans are billed to your credit card monthly.

Annual subscription plans are billed up-front for 12 months of use at a discount equal to two months free on the base and user fees.

What features come with the Pro and Standard plans?

  • The ClockShark Pro Plan is suited for larger, more complex businesses, and includes ClockShark PTO, greater business controls, and more. 

  • Standard Plans are perfect for local businesses that need powerful GPS time tracking and scheduling functionality in addition to manager permissions and more! 

  • Basic Plans come with just the essentials for smaller run companies. They include basic GPS Tracking, timesheets, reporting, and job and task tracking. 

For a list of all the plan features, visit the ClockShark pricing page for more details.

What do I get with a free trial?

Trial accounts are provisioned with all the features of the Pro Plan for 14 days. When you sign up to become a customer, your account information, employee information, jobs, and timesheet data stays put. No need to re-enter anything! We know one pay period may not be enough, so if you need to extend your trial just message us and we'd be happy to help out.

How long is the free trial?

Free trials last fourteen (14) days.

What currency does ClockShark use?

Pricing is shown and billing is invoiced in US dollars.

What is considered an active user?

ClockShark customers can activate and deactivate employees as needed for their business (Admin > People > Employees), and we'll pro-rate the invoice. You'll only pay for employees that are active and each day they are listed as active. We don't believe in nickel and diming!

Can I switch back from Pro Plan to Standard?

You can choose your plan preference by going to your Billing & Payment and choosing the plan that you would like. You will automatically be charged/pro-rated when switching from any of the three plans. 

I am a current customer and I used some features that are now on the Pro Plan, how am I affected?

Good news! You will be able to keep all of the old features you were using on ClockShark with the exception of our awesome new PTO feature. This will only be available on the Pro Plan.

How do I switch to the Pro Plan?

Upgrade to the Pro plan with these easy steps: Admin > Settings > Billing & Payment > Change Plan Subscription > Select Pro Plan from the drop-down menu > Pop-up will display showing you changes > Click Switch to Pro > Success!

Which companies does the Pro Plan fit best?

The Pro Plan is designed to meet the needs of companies that are medium-sized (25-100 Employees) that need a more full solution set for tracking time. It’s also designed to help more complex businesses with multiple departments and locations who want to understand profitability via advanced job costing. 

What happens to my old data If I switch plans?

All your information including Time Sheets, Jobs, Tasks and personalized settings will all carry over into your new plan! 

I just had a trial with the Pro Plan but now my account only has the standard features.

After a trial ends, it will automatically default to the Standard Plan and you will have to switch to the Pro Plan in order to take advantage of the extra features.  You can make this switch while still on a trial and we keep all of your data that way you do not suffer a lapse in service.

Can I pay extra for just a specific feature?

Unfortunately not.

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