How to Edit

To maintain integrity and accuracy, time editing is disabled on timesheets that have already been approved. 

To edit an approved time segment, you must first unapprove the time segment. You can do this by going to Time Sheets > Approve Time Sheets, selecting the proper date range, and clicking the 'X' icon. Or you can simply press the 'X' icon that is right on the timesheets like show above!

If you do unapprove the time from the Timesheet Approvals page, you can return to the timesheets by simply clicking on the employee row from the approvals page. 

After editing the time, return to the Approve Time Sheets screen and reapprove the employee's time sheets by clicking check mark icon. Or again simply approve the time directly on the timesheet!

Note: In the blank days on employees' weekly time cards, ClockShark allows you to click to add new time segments, even if the timesheet is approved.

However, if you attempt to add a new shift to an approved timesheet, you will be alerted that the timesheet cannot be edited since the pay period is locked. 

To add a new shift to an approved timesheet, follow the same steps listed earlier in this article.

You can read more on approving timesheets here. 😁

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