Timesheet Approvals are a Standard Plan feature. You must have a Standard, Pro, or Expert Plan subscription in order to approve time. 

How to Enable Timesheet Approvals 

  1. To get started with the timesheet approvals feature, head to Admin > Settings > Company, and scroll down to the pay period dropdown.

  2. Verify or enable your company's pay period. (Before enabling timesheet approvals, a pay period selection other than "N/A" must be selected.)

  3. Click the "Enable Timesheet Approvals" check box.

How to Use Timesheet Approvals

1. Timesheet Day View

When clicking on a specific day for an employee on the timesheets, you can now directly approve that time while you review it. This workflow helps you review and edit any times you might need to and then make the approval right then and there. Simply press the check mark next to the total hours of the day in order to approve that day. 

A green check mark ✔️ will appear to let you know that the time is approved for that day. The edit and delete buttons will also be grayed out as approving the time locks the day from changing. If you hover over the green check mark or the grayed out edit/delete buttons, it will also let you know who approved the time and on what day. To unapprove the time it is just as easy, simply press the 'X' next to the total hours of the day. This will get rid of the green check mark and allow you to make any edits/deletions you may need to make. 

2. Timesheet Week View

Very similar to the timesheet day view, the timesheet week view brings all that functionality with the added benefit of viewing more than one day at a time. One difference with this view is an handy calendar at the top of the screen. Here you can see the hours worked broken down by the job/task used that week. You can also change the selection on the left to view only the jobs, the tasks, or switch to a task/job view.

You will also be able to see the daily subtotals, hours worked under each job/task, the totals for that job/task for the week, any overtime accumulated, any time off taken, and totals for the entire week in the bottom right corner. At the top of this summary page, you'll also see green checkmarks indicating whether that day has been approved or not and also a handy approve all or unapprove all button that allows you to affect the entire week.

Under this calendar summary, you will see each day worked in detail with all the associated notes, attachments, GPS locations, and more just like normal. So if you needed to edit one day, you can just quickly scroll down and make any adjustments you need. From this view you still have the check mark and X's that allow you to approve and unapprove each day as needed also. 

3. Timesheet Approvals Page

In addition to approving time from the timesheets, you can also approve time directly from our approvals page. If you navigate to Time > Timesheets > Approve you will see the total time broken down for each employee as well as the approval status for the date selected. This could be Approved when the entire date range is approved, a partial number of days approved, or Not Approved. You can sort by name and approval status, as well as filtering by approval status, department or location, or specific employees.

In order to approve the time it is the same process as before. Simply hover over the row for the employee and click the check mark to approve the selected date range and a green check mark will appear in addition to the status changing to "Approved." To unapprove simply hover over the row again and press the 'X' button. You also have bulk approval actions on this page by selecting the check boxes on the left hand side to choose all employees or just specific employees. 

But one of the coolest things on this page, is that you can navigate directly to the timesheet details page from here. Just click on the row for an employee to get transferred right into the timesheets for than employee and that date range. Pretty cool right? 😎

With this you can take advantage of that calendar summary for a custom date range, week, pay period, or even up to a month at a time! Then you can make any changes to the time you may need to and when you are done, just go back to land right at the approvals page again!

4. Navigation

On all three of these pages there is a unified date picker as well. This makes navigation a lot easier by giving you the option of select a day, week, pay period, or custom view on every page so you can easily view the information you need to.

And that is all there is to it! With our Timesheet Approvals feature you can easily approve time and maintain the integrity and accuracy of the time you track. 🏆

If you have any additional questions about approving timesheets in ClockShark, check out the similar help articles listed below, or let us know directly. 📧 

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