It was supposed to be a magical moment. ✨

But instead, when you clicked "Export time to Xero", you got an error message, and now you feel like the Grinch stole your Christmas. Again. 😞

Hang in there, we've got your back. 👍 In this article, we explain the types of warning messages that can appear when you're exporting time to Xero, and how to quickly fix them so you can get on with your work. 

Let's get started.

Employee Mapping Error 

1. What Does It Look Like?

2. When Does It Appear? This error message appears when you are attempting to export time for an employee who isn't mapped to an employee in Xero. 

3. Why Does it Show Up? Imagine mailing a letter without an address. Weird things happen, right, because your mailman doesn't know where to take it. 😕

Before ClockShark can send the timesheets to Xero, it has know that there is an employee in Xero who will receive the time records. Otherwise, the time would just-poof!-disappear. 💭

4. How Do I Fix It? Navigate to your "View & Edit Mappings" screen from your Xero dashboard in ClockShark and find the Xero employee who caused the error. (Hint: this employee should have a blank space on the right-side of the double arrow.) 

Click the pen icon on the right of the screen, and select the correct ClockShark employee from the available list. 

After the employee is successfully mapped, you can try exporting time again. 

You can read more on how to map employees here.  👈

Warning about "Overwriting" Timsheets

1. What Does It Look Like?  

2. When Does It Appear? This warning appears when you are exporting time records for an employee who already has a timesheet in-progress in Xero for the pay period (or days) you've selected to export. 

Xero calls timesheets in-progress "drafts." You can see these from the Payroll > Timesheets screen in Xero. 

3. Why Does It Show Up? If an employee has a timesheet in-progress in Xero, and you export more time to it, ClockShark will overwrite the whole time sheet with just the days you've selected. Any day you don't export time for will be a "0" value on the timesheet. 

4. How Do I Fix It? You got options! We recommend exporting employee timesheets week-by-week, so that the entire Xero timesheet is populated at once. ✅

If you do happen to see this error, change your dates to include the whole pay period so that when you "overwrite" the Xero timesheet, it overwrites it with the same hours you had originally. 

Your second option is to export the time to Xero (ignoring the warning), but then manually add the time to the employee's timesheet in Xero. 

Don't let those details trip you up: if you're unsure what to do, our Customer Support team would love to help make sure the time goes where it should. 🙂

"Approved" Timesheet Error

1. What Does It Look Like? 

2. When Does It Appear? This error message appears when you are exporting timesheets to Xero, but the associated employee's Xero timesheet has already been approved. 

You can see the status of the Xero timesheets from the Payroll > Timesheets screen. ClockShark can only export time records to "draft" timesheets. 👍

3. Why Does It Appear? Exporting time to an "Approved" timesheet in Xero is like trying to make hand prints in dry cement. It's too late. 

Approved timesheets are often ready for payroll, so for security, Xero resists last minute edits. 🙅

4. How Do I Fix It? If you have access to Xero, you can log in and go to your Timesheets screen where you can revert the approved timesheet to a "draft." 

Once the timesheet is once-again a draft, you can retry exporting the time from ClockShark. 😃

We hope this helps explain some of the common warning messages you receive when exporting time to Xero! 

⚠️Important Note: The Xero integration is not available for New Zealand and UK customers.

If you are receiving an error message that isn't covered here, you can call us @ 1.800.828.0689 and we'll provide 5-star, one-on-one help. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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