To deactivate an employee:Β 

  1. Go to Admin > People > EmployeesΒ 

  2. Uncheck the "Active" status box beside the employee's name

To reactivate an employee, return to this screen and recheck the box. πŸ‘

How do deactivated employees affect my billing?

Employees that are inactive will also be removed from your user count for billing, and your next invoice will be credited for the unused time, prorated down to the day! πŸ’ΈΒ 

Credits to your account will show up in parentheses and be deducted from your balance. βœ…

Where does recorded time go when I deactivate an employee? πŸ”Ž

All of the time records for employees are saved until your account is closed. For inactive and deleted employees, you can find time records in the "Reports" section of ClockShark!

When employees are re-activated (or un-deleted by our Support Team), they will re-appear on the Timesheets screen and behave just like any other active employee!Β 

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