Using the Role setting and Manager Permissions settings for Employees you can easily control access for each Employee using ClockShark to limit access to specific features. You can also limit access for the chosen features to a specific list of Employees, or specific Departments or Locations. This makes it easy to setup multiple business Locations or Departments within a single ClockShark account. For each of your business Locations or Departments you can setup different employees who have access to those specific employees. This limited access will ensure the employees in charge of managing a specific part of your business aren't distracted by seeing employees from other parts of the business they don't manage, nor do they have access to view or edit their time sheets or schedules.

To change the Role for an Employee visit the Employees screen and edit the Employee. Roles can also be set while initially adding an Employee.Β 

Administrator Role:
Administrator role users have access to ALL system features and are able to do so for ALL Employees. This access includes adding or removing employees, billing, viewing and editing time sheets, creating schedules, as well as clocking time for themselves (although not all administrators will clock time for themselves, nor do they need to). The Administrator role user will have access to all Employees regardless of an Employee's assigned Department or Location.

Employee Role:
Employee role users will only be able to see their timesheets and schedules on the app and online, clock in on the app only by default, and any other manager permissions you give them as explained below. There are some more settings you can grant them outlined in this article.

Manager Permissions (Standard & Pro Plan Only)

Manager permissions can be granted to any Employee role user. Doing so will allow the Employee access to specific management functions related to other Employees' time sheets and schedules. For example, you could allow Employee Ben Smith to view and edit time sheets for all employees in the Installation Department or allow Employee Mary Sullivan to View and Edit schedules and clock in via CrewClock on mobile for all Employees in the San Francisco Office.

Here's a list of features you can control access to with Manager Permissions:

Crew Clock: Gives the permission for the employee to use CrewClock in order to clock in other employees, start breaks, end breaks, and clock out employees for the selected employees, departments, or locations on the drop down menu below. πŸ‘·Β 

View Who's Working Now: Allows the employee to view the Who's Working Now screen on the mobile app and the desktop website to view the clock in locations, and most recent location for the selected employees on the drop down below. πŸ—ΊοΈ

View Timesheets: Allows the employee to view their timesheets with full detail on the desktop website. The employee will automatically being able to see their timesheets in full detail on the mobile app, but if they view their timesheets on the desktop website, they will only see totals by day/week. If you want them to be able to view their timesheets in full (with edits, locations, notes, etc) on the desktop then they will need this setting. Also applies to the drop down selection you make below. πŸ‘€Β 

Edit Timesheets: This will allow the employee to edit their timesheet on the desktop website. This will automatically give them the permission to view their timesheets as well as stated above. Again this will apply to anyone selected on the drop down selection below. This permission is also needed if you want them to be able export time sheets to QuickBooks. Β πŸ–ŠοΈ
Note: If you only want them to edit their timesheets from the mobile app, then you will want to choose the setting "Allow Edits to Own Time and Creation of Manual Time Sheets via Mobile" listed above.

Approve Time: Grants the permission for this employee to approve time for anyone selected on the drop down below. This is only accessible on the desktop website. βœ…

View Schedules: Gives this employee to power to view the schedule for the selected people on the drop down on both the mobile app and the desktop website. πŸ“†Β 

Edit Schedules: Same as above, lets this employee now edit the schedules for anyone on the drop down selection. Again this will grant permission for the mobile app and the desktop website and this setting will also automatically give them permission to view the schedules as well πŸ‘Β 

Manage Time Off: With this setting, this employee will have the power to manage PTO requests on desktop website made by the selected people on the drop down menu below. This includes them be able to approve/decline requests, and also view approved time off, past time off, and declined time off. 🌴 

View Reports: Allows this employee to run all reports on the desktop website for the selected employees on the drop down below. This includes individual employees, departments or locations. πŸ“ˆΒ 

Note: Any changes made to will have to be synced by the employee on their app in order to take full effect. They can do this on their app by going to [Menu] > [Sync] > [Sync now] 🏁

If you have any other questions about these settings, please let us know @ πŸ† Β 

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