Often employers ask if there is a way to require employees to leave Location Services (GPS) enabled on their mobile device. The good news is, you can prevent employees from disabling GPS. This feature works on both the Android app and iOS app (version 2.2.6 or higher). 

If you see a "phone icon" or "red X" to the left of the time, then we received the punch but were unable to obtain location information from the device. This usually means that Location Services (GPS) is disabled. 

So how do I fix it? 

The Require Location Services (GPS) to Clock In Via Mobile feature is enabled at the employee level, either when adding an employee, or by editing an employee. 

To enable the Require Location Services (GPS) to Clock In Via Mobile feature, visit the Employees Screen and click on the edit button to the right of an Employee to update the Employee. 

You will now be on the Update Employee Screen. Look for the box at the bottom of the screen that says "Require Location Services (GPS) to Clock In Via Mobile". Make sure the box is checked. When checked Location Services (GPS) must be enabled on the mobile device or the employee will not be allowed to clock in. This setting also ensures that the employee has their location services on throughout the duration of their shift, or else they will be automatically clocked out. The employee must also grant permission to the ClockShark app to use their location at all times, which can be done during installation of the mobile app or afterward from the Settings on the mobile device. 📍
Note: That employee locations will ONLY be recorded while an employee is clocked in for work. When clocked out or on break, locations are NOT tracked.

Also note that when first enabled it may take several hours for this feature to propagate to the mobile app and start working. To make it start working immediately, have the Employee log out of the mobile app and log back in, or have them sync their device by going to [Menu] > [Sync] > [Sync now] 👍

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