You can add an unlimited number of jobs and tasks. When time is added (manually or by clocking in and out from the mobile app or web), the employee will need to choose a job and task to associate the time with. After clocking in, the employee will also be able to easily switch jobs and/or tasks throughout their day as needed. 

Adding Jobs

To add jobs, go to the Admin Menu and select Jobs from the menu. Then click on the [+Add Job] button in the upper left corner. ✅

Jobs can have the following attributes, for tracking and reporting purposes: Job name, Job number, Description, Attachments, Color (color that the job appears on the schedule and time sheets screens and they are sorted by jobs), Access control (for Pro Plan members only), Task control (for Pro Plan members only), Labor budget, and more! 📝

The name, number, and color are all pretty straightforward. So lets start with the description! The description is a great way for you to give certain instructions about a job to all employees that use that job. You can add notes about the job site like which floor its on, phone numbers, emails, who to contact, etc. When the employees go to clock in on the app, they can click on the "i" icon when they are clocked in or choosing a job and view these notes and more information! 👀 

Another powerful feature to help direct and inform your employees is to add attachments to a job. This is a great way to share job information like plans, work orders and photos with the crew in the field. File attachments can be added to jobs from the web dashboard when you create or edit a job. Just click the "+ Add Files" button and select the files from your computer to upload them.  

Files attached to jobs can be viewed by clicking on their names and can be removed by clicking on the minus [-] button next to their names. Employees will see these attachments and photos right along side the notes under the information area mentioned right above. 😀 

You can use the Access control to limit the employees who can actually view and clock into this job on their app. Similarly, the task control will only allow certain tasks to be used when clocking into this app. So for example, you can limit Peter Parker to be the only worker that has access to the job "California Office" and he can only use the task "Web Support." 🕷️

You can also choose whether or not to track the labor hours budget for the job. Labor hours budgets are useful for firm-fixed-price contracts to gauge how many total hours of labor have been used on a job, how many hours of budgeted labor are left. 💰

You can also use the map and address fields below to add and GPSFence! You can learn more about that in detail here!

Adding Tasks

To add a task, go to the Admin menu, then click on Tasks. Then click on the [+Add Task] button in the upper left corner 👍 

Tasks can have the following attributes: Task Name, Task Code, Access Control (for Pro Plan members only), Overtime Exempt, and Out of Bounds Exempt.

Name and task code are straightforward so we'll skip those and start with access control! Access control lets you do the same thing as listed above for jobs. This lets you limit which employees can actually see and clock into this task.

With the overtime exempt option, any time tracked with this task will not create overtime or doubletime. And similarly with the out of bounds exempt option, any time tracked to this task will not trigger and out of bounds notification. This is great for tasks like travel, sales calls, working from home, etc. 🚗 

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact our Support team and get ready for answers! 🏆

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