1. Go to Admin > Integrations > Manage (under QuickBooks)
  2. Turn "OFF" the Automatically Import Jobs, Customers... and click "Save Settings"
  3. Download your QWC File
  4. View your downloaded QWC File in its folder. 
  5. Right click it and open it with "Notepad"
  6. Once open, go to the Owner ID line and change ONE number to a different number.
  7. Go to the File ID line and change another random number to any other number. 
  8. Save the file. 
  9. Open the Web Connector and Click "Add Application"
  10. Add the QWC File and enter your password, then click UPDATE SELECTED 😃

If you have any additional questions, or would like 1-on-1 help with your QuickBooks, please let our Customer Success team know @ hello@clockshark.com. 

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