Adding a GeoFence to your Jobs with ClockShark's GPSFence geofencing feature can help keep your time and task data accurate to the minute by automatically reminding your workforce to clock in and out when they are near a job site. 📍

A geofence is virtual geographic boundary. The easiest way to think of geofences in ClockShark is to imagine a circle drawn around your job sites on a map. As a matter of fact, putting a circle on a map is exactly how you add a geofence in ClockShark.

To add a geofence to a job site, go to the admin menu and click on Jobs.

Geofencing can be created on new Jobs when you hit the Add Job button or to an existing Job by clicking on the edit button.

You will find the GeoFence section at the end of the Job setting page. To enable geofencing for this job site, check the well named "Enable GeoFence" box. As you probably guessed, unchecking this box disable the geofence.

You now have two options on setting where your geofence is on the map:

  1. Use the job address as entered in the previous section by clicking on the (Use Job Address) link
  2. Find the location on the map and click it

The previous step will set the center of your geofence, and the "Fence Size" slider will increase or decrease the size of the circle on the map. This circle represents to boundaries of your geofence.

Select the options you want under "On Enter" and "On Exit" to tell ClockShark what to do when an employee enters or leaves the boundaries. You can also set an Out of Bounds notification for anytime GPS locations are detected outside the Geofence for the currently clocked in Job. You can adjust these notifications from the Notifications screen.

Congratulations! You have set up a GPSFence  geofence. Now your employees will be reminded to clock in or out when they are entering or leaving your job site. You can also receive Out of Bounds notifications (if you have them enabled in Notifications) for the Job. 😃

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