Welcome to ClockShark's help article on how to export time into QuickBooks! This article covers the steps to export time for both QuickBooks Online and Desktop users. Once you have set up your Quickbooks and ClockShark integration, exporting time into QuickBooks is as easy as 1-2-3! Are you ready to get started? 

1) QuickBooks Button + Time Review: 

To export time to QuickBooks, first navigate to your TimeSheets > View Timesheets screen. There you will see a green "Export to QuickBooks" button. Before clicking this button, be sure to review the timesheets for accuracy so that only verified, correct time activities get exported to QuickBooks. 

2) Correcting Mappings: 

Once you have clicked the "Export to QuickBooks" button, the next screen may present you with any mapping errors that need to be corrected prior to export. (If not, feel free to skip directly to Step 3: "Exporting the Time") 

Notice how in this image, the unmapped employee Abraham Lincoln produces a red error, and the two unmapped jobs Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial produce a yellow warning. This is because time can still be exported when a job/task is unmapped, but not when an employee is unmapped. To fix any mappings, click the "Configure Mappings" link. 

On your "Configure Mappings" screen, you will see your current QuickBooks items on the left of the screen, and the mapped ClockShark items on the right side. Notice how for Abraham Lincoln, there is nothing on the right side of the arrow, since he is currently unmapped. 

 If the right side of the double arrow is blank, click the Pen icon to edit the mapping, and choose the correct ClockShark item from the dropdown that appears. In this example, the QuickBooks employee Abraham Lincoln (visible on the left) is being mapped to the corresponding Abraham Lincoln in ClockShark. Click "Update Mapping" to finish.

3) Exporting the Time: 

Once all mappings have been corrected, it's time to export time to QuickBooks. Clicking the "Export to QuickBooks" button again will now show all the total time activites ready for export.

 For QuickBooks Online Users: Clicking the blue "Export" button will confirm your time export. You're all finished! 😃The time records will now appear in your employees' weekly timesheets. 

For QuickBooks Desktop Users: You are almost finished! Clicking the blue "Export" button will present a new screen, confirming that the time is ready to be exported via the Web Connector.

To run your Web Connector, go into your QuickBooks account, navigate to the File > Update Web Services tab. Once the Web Connector opens, click "Update Web Services" to send the time into QuickBooks. 

Once the Web Connector runs, the exported time will appear in the employees' weekly timesheets. To navigate there in QuickBooks, go to Employees > Enter Time > Use Weekly Timesheets. There you can see the time, customer, service items, and even notes that were exported with the employees' time. In this case, the time for Abraham Lincoln appears neatly in his timesheet. 

That's it! One, two, three easy steps to exporting time from ClockShark to QuickBooks! 😃

If you have any other questions about exporting time to QuickBooks, please let us know @ hello@clockshark.com. 

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