You can add an unlimited number of jobs and tasks. When time is added (manually or by clocking in and out from the mobile app or web), the employee will need to choose a job and task to associate the time with. After clocking in, the employee will also be able to easily switch jobs and/or tasks throughout their day as needed.

To add jobs, go to the Admin Menu, and select Jobs from the menu. 

Jobs can have the following attributes, for tracking and reporting purposes:Name, Job number , Description, Color (color that the job appears on the schedule and time sheets screens).

You can also choose whether or not to track the labor hours budget for the job. Labor hours budgets are useful for firm-fixed-price contracts to gauge how many total hours of labor have been used on a job, how many hours of budgeted labor are left.

To add a task, go to the Admin menu, then click on Tasks. Adding tasks is done in the same manner as adding jobs. 😃

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