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  1. Adding Employees

  2. Adding Jobs and Tasks

  3. An Employee Clocked in from the Mobile App But I Can't See it on the Website

  4. An Employee Clocked Out But We Received a Missing Out Notification

  5. Automatic Lunch Deduction

  6. Can Employees Add Jobs From the Mobile App?

  7. Can I See Who's Working Now via the Administrative Dashboard?

  8. Can I Track Time for Subcontractors?

  9. Can I use the QuickBooks Online Integration with a QuickBooks Simple Start or Essentials Plan?

  10. Does ClockShark integrate with desktop versions of QuickBooks such as Contractor Edition?

  11. Does ClockShark Work Offline and Will GPS be Available?

  12. Does the iOS (iPhone) App Require the "Always" Location Setting?

  13. How Can Employees Clock Out for Lunch?

  14. How Can I Prevent Employees Disabling Location Services (GPS) on their Smartphone?

  15. How Can I Share Notes about a Job with an Employee?

  16. How Much Data Does the Mobile App Use?

  17. I Deleted or Inactivated an Employee. Can I Still Access His Records?

  18. Limit Access to Jobs and Tasks

  19. My Employee's Notes Seem to Be Applied to Multiple Time Segments

  20. My QuickBooks Online Connection Seems to be Broken?

  21. No Payroll Items Found During QuickBooks Desktop Integration Setup

  22. Release Notes (Cool Stuff We've Been Busy Adding)

  23. Reviewing and Editing Time in the Web Dashboard

  24. Scheduling Employees

  25. System Overview: How to Get Started

  26. Using CrewClock™ to punch in for crew via mobile

  27. Using Employee Schedule Reminders

  28. Using File Attachments (Share Photos, PDFs, etc)

  29. Using GPS Fence™ GeoFencing

  30. Using Notifications

  31. Using Roles and Permissions to Control Access

  32. Using the Job Address and Mobile Navigation Feature

  33. Using the QuickBooks Desktop Versions Integration

  34. Using the QuickBooks Online Integration

  35. Using the Who's Working Now Screen

  36. Using Time Rounding

  37. Video Library

  38. What are Departments?

  39. What are Jobs?

  40. What are Locations?

  41. What are Tasks?

  42. What Devices Does ClockShark Work On?

  43. What is Location Tampering (Mock Locations)?

  44. When Trying to Add an Employee I'm Getting an Error Message that Their Email Already Exists?

  45. Why Does the Android App Require Certain Permissions?

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