What are Locations?

What is a Location in ClockShark? A Location in ClockShark can be used to classify groups of employees as belonging to specific business/office location. So this feature would typically be used only by businesses with multiple offices or service areas.

Hint: Often first time users confuse Locations with Jobs (see What are Jobs?). A Job is used to track labor hours worked, a Location is used to classify which business location an Employee belongs to. 

Once you have added Employees to a Location, you can then filter the view on your View Time Sheets screen to see only employees from a certain Location. This filtering can be helpful to work on editing times for specific groups of employees in batches.

If you have a further need to group employees into Departments, you may wish to use Departments in conjunction with Locations to further classify and filter your Employees. 

To add Employees to a Location visit the Locations screen located in your Admin Menu.

Tip: Departments and Locations can be turned on or off in ClockShark via the Company Settings screen. 

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