System Overview: How to Get Started

Getting started with ClockShark is easy. No end user training should be required, since the system is so easy to use and figure out. ClockShark can be up and running in one business day. 

During your free trial, it's suggested that you put at least several of your employees into the system and have them use it full-time for tracking their time. Preferably, put all of your employees onto the system during your trial. 

When you Add Employees to the system, by default they will receive an email with their login info and instructions to download the mobile app. The ClockShark mobile app is the preferred way for employees to track time. It functions as a mobile time clock, that captures each time clock punch in real-time along with a job, task, and GPS coordinate. Employees can also log time via the website, although this method does not support GPS. Logging time from the website may be helpful for office-based staff, so they can clock in and out for work directly from their desk. 

This two minute video provides a brief system overview:

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