Release Notes (Cool Stuff We've Been Busy Adding)

Think we'll ever be done making ClockShark more awesome for you? Nope! Not gonna happen.  
Below is an always up-to-date list of the newest features, improvements and fixes we've delivered for you! 

  • Out of Bounds alerts are now clickable to show the locations considered in bounds or out of bounds, along with the geofence radius. 

  • Employees can now upload photos or other file attachments from the mobile app to associate with their timesheet. Administrators will see the attachments in both the Who's Working Now Screen and in the View Timesheets Screen. 
  • Specific Tasks can now be made exempt from overtime calculations 
  • New weekly overtime option for 38 hour threshold
  • New overtime settings added to make any time on Saturday or Sunday either overtime or doubletime
  • Jobs and Tasks pages now have a copy feature that allows easy duplication of Jobs and Tasks with all associated settings
  • On the Timesheets Details views, the accuracy radius color now matches the color selected for the employee
  • Improvements to the way invoices and prorating are displayed on the Billing and Payments Screen
  • GPSFence™ geofencing released. Jobs now can have an associated geofence and any times tracked outside the fence associated with that Job will trigger an Out of Bounds notification on the timesheet and via email to the administrator. Employees can also optionally receive reminders to clock in and out from the mobile app, when entering or leaving a geofence. 

  • A new feature for sending an email and/or mobile push notification has been added to the Scheduler. A dialogue with options to choose how recently you’d like schedule changes to be sent for, and a choice for mobile and/or email. Any employees with schedule changes within the time window chosen will receive a notification that their schedule has been updated and to check the mobile app or site for details.

  • On the employee schedule of the My TimeClock page on the website, the Job Address and Description are now visible when clicking on a schedule on the calendar.

  • The warning message on the Who’s Working Now page about clocking employees out has been updated to reflect that the most recent app updates respond in real-time to the clockout.


  • A new alert in Notifications settings for location tampering will send admins an email when Mock Locations are detected to be in use by an employee in their mobile app.

  • A new setting on the Employee section of Notifications defaults to exclude Admins from daily reminders.

  • The ‘Clock Out’ feature on the Who’s Working Now’ screen now clocks out employees in real-time on the mobile app (requires the latest mobile app update).

  • Chars remaining on multi-line text fields has been updated to consistently count line endings across browsers. Maxing out now displays the whole field in pink to alert users to hitting the limit.

  • Major update to the scheduler. Additional views have been added for day, month and two weeks. Various changes to the user interface, such as ability to drag to adjust shift start and end times in the day view. A filter control has been added to allow limiting which Jobs and Employees are displayed on the screen. The scheduler now uses a more compact view designed to display more information with less need for scrolling. 

  • International users now have the choice to change the MM/DD/YYYY format sitewide to DD/MM/YYYY.
  • When we detect that Location Services are disabled on the mobile device or that a GPS location could not be obtained because the ClockShark app was denied permission by the device user, we'll now display those GPS failure reasons on the red "X" on the time sheet as a tooltip when you hover over it.  

  • Who’s Working Now and TimeSheets statuses will now show more details such as “switched from Jones Job/Task Name 10 minutes ago”, etc. 
  • The Alerts screen has been renamed to Notifications, and includes a new user interface that has notification settings for setting up daily reminders and schedule based reminders to click in (or clock out) that will go to employees via email and/or a pop-up notification on the mobile device.   

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